Chris Evans Accidentally Posts a ‘D- Pic’ and America Cheers!


No, Chris Evans is not starring in a remake of “Free Willy,” but it appears that he accidentally freed his Willy, captured it on camera, and then posted it on Instagram on Saturday. And, needless to say, social media went insane (in a good way).

It seems that Evans was attempting to post an Instagram video and amidst the string of recognizable photos of himself is a silhouette of an erect penis or, as some on Twitter are calling it, “America’s Dick,” “a welcome new ‘member’ of ‘The Avengers” and “the most fantastic one of the ‘Fantastic Four.’”

Although he quickly deleted the clip, there were others quicker, who had snapped some screen grabs … and rest, as they say, is Twitter history.

The lesson, here, Chris, is to edit clips before posting them on social media. Then again, a whole lot of his 5.7 million followers were happy enough to see his Mr. Happy to get his name trending on Twitter.

Me before and afterThat Chris Evans picture

Now it makes sense why captain America only got a shield, cause Chris Evans got the sword tucked in his spandex

On the flip side of the “Whoa!” reaction to his private photo of his private parts was fans noting what a nice guy he is and posting photos of him with his dog and helping famous ladies up stairs and onto the stage of award shows.

friendly reminder that chris evans is one of the sweetest men who (very publicly) suffers with crippling anxiety, and you should block & report anybody who is sharing that nude picture because this angel deserves nothing but love ❤️

I love Chris Evans so much. One of the sweetest & most humble guys with a heart of gold. He deserves the world 💖

We’re marking #NationalSelfieDay by looking at the biggest exhibitionists: From Miley Cyrus to Geraldo Rivera, here are stars who have mastered the art of nude selfies.

The model wished her friend Marisa Matins a happy birthday on Instagram — by posing completely nude behind her husband, John Legend. 

Cyrus is the queen of nude selfies, and the singer will often spark controversy with her raunchy and revealing Instagram posts and outfits. Months ago, she stripped down for the camera, with fans commenting that the image was pornographic.

With plenty of risque nude selfies to choose from, Minaj let her hair down for this one.

Kardashian broke the internet when she posted a nude in March 2016 with the caption, « When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL. » The picture spawned backlash from some, and support from others.

Ratajkowski sure flaunts herself on Instagram, and also posted a nude in support of Kim Kardashian’s steamy photo with the reality star herself.

Handler set the internet on fire when she posted a topless picture of herself on a horse in protest of Instagram’s no-nipple policy. Her photo was removed, but she kept uploading it. In February 2015, she also uploaded this picture to Twitter with the caption, « Thanks for having me Twitter. »

In 2013, Rivera posted a bathroom mirror selfie with the caption, « 70 is the new 50. » He later removed it, blaming the incident on tequila.

The « Sorry » singer sure likes to bare his butt on Instagram, once on a tropical vacation in 2015, and another during a camping trip. 

The rapper made headlines in 2015 after Justin Bieber’s butt pic with a snapshot in his briefs.

In response to the outrage over Bieber’s butt pic, Chrissy Teigen posted a picture of her husband’s backside to Instagram. 

The « American Pie » star likes to post pictures of herself in a bikini, but during a New Year’s vacation in Mexico, Reid posted a picture on Instagram in which she appeared to be completely naked. 

The « Genie in a Bottle » singer wanted to get « personal » with her fans, and posted a mirror selfie of herself wearing nothing but a leopard print hat and pink undies.

The singer stripped down for her Instagram in 2016, captioning the image, « What’s wrong with being confident? #vanityfair #CONFIDENT »

The model posted several racy pictures on his Snapchat, and this one was posted to his Instagram as well. 

In July 2019, former 1Direction singer Liam Payne had no trouble showing off his well-toned bod in a retweeted image shown side by side with a shot of a naked Kate Moss in a similar director’s chair

In April 2020, the « Baby Driver » star posted a nude shot of himself in an outdoor shower (with his hand barely covering his privates) to raise money for Brooklyn hospitals in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Curiously, the photo was taken by his father, acclaimed photographer Arthur Elgort.

We’re marking #NationalSelfieDay by looking at the biggest exhibitionists: From Miley Cyrus to Geraldo Rivera, here are stars who have mastered the art of nude selfies.


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