CM – « Dracula’s Castle » attracts visitors with COVID-19 vaccines


Visitors to the « Dracula Castle » in Romania can now receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the famous location.

Doctors and nurses with tag stickers on their scrubs give guests of Bran Castle Pfizer shots, from who are believed to be the inspiration for the vampire’s house in Bram Stoker’s novel « Dracula ».

The vaccination campaign aims to attract more guests to the 14th century castle in the Romanian Carpathians, where tourism is during the pandemic has fallen sharply.

« The idea … was to show how people were bumped into Europe 500 to 600 years ago, » said Alexandru Priscu, Marketing Director of the castle.

Visitors can visit the May appear at the castle for the shot. There they also get free entry to an exhibition of medieval torture instruments.

Fernando Orozco, a 37-year-old Berlin market developer for renewable energies who has worked outside of Romania, was attracted by the prospect of joining the site, among other things « I was planning to get to the castle and I just thought it was the two-for-one special, » he said.

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