French president warns COVID crisis could last until next summer as Europe faces second wave


Europe has been hit by a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic as the continent has started to report thousands of cases again daily The second wave of COVID-19 is affecting much of the population, including politicians in the region On Friday October 23, Polish President Andrzej Duda tested positive for COVID-19, as did Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes, who has been treated in an intensive care unit since Wednesday According to Johns Hopkins University, the five most affected countries in Europe are the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and France

French President Emmanuel Macron said on October 23 that people must learn to live with the virus for the long term, warning people that the pandemic could last until summer 2021 Macron, speaking to the press on Friday said he spoke with scientists and the Scientific Council, who told him the virus would stay until next year France, which has one of the lowest infection rates highest in the world, extended the curfew it imposed last week The number of daily positive cases in France has risen significantly since early August, with the country recording its biggest daily increase since the start of the pandemic

Other countries in the region are also facing the wrath of the pandemic, with Spain becoming the first European country to cross the one million mark in terms of confirmed cases Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Friday that the country expected to come together to fight second wave of pandemic, urging people to limit movement to block spread of virus According to CNN, Sanchez in a speech said that the next few weeks are going to be very difficult Some parts of the country are planning to reimpose the nighttime curfew to prevent a rapid spread

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Meanwhile, Poland and the Czech Republic also reported their highest daily infections on Friday since the pandemic began to cross the 10,000 mark Italy has also recorded more than 16,000 confirmed cases and 136 deaths COVID-linked Thursday Campania Governor Vincenzo De Luca announced he would shut down the region for at least a month and also called for a nationwide lockdown

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News from the world – United States – The French president warns that the COVID crisis could last until next summer as Europe will face the second wave



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