Gaming : People are starting to prepare the Pokémon Café Mix dishes!


    Last week the new attempt by The Pokémon Company arrived to the eShop of our Nintendo Switch and to the digital stores of mobile devices to get us even more rooms with its multimillion-dollar franchise. We refer, how could it be otherwise, to Pokémon Café Mix, a colorful spin-off where we run a Starbucks a cafeteria together with some even more cute and adorable Pokémon if possible. But in our virtual business we not only prepare coffees, but also a multitude of preparations inspired by Pokémon. Well, then cith the short time the free-to-play title has been available, there are already people who have recreated some of the title’s dishes in real life, and surely in the coming days many other elaborations will follow.

    The person in charge of astonishing us has been the Twitter user @EverydayBewear, who as his profile shows, is fond of pastry, with more dishes inspired by Pokémon, Animal Crossing or films by the Ghibli studio. The dish you have chosen have been Eevee pancakes, and as you can see in the images that we have left below, its elaboration has nothing to send to that of the game of The Pokémon Company. What do you think? Are you drooling just imagining how it will taste? As always, do not hesitate to leave us your impressions in the comments or on our social networks. See you (in the cafe)!


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