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Cody Rhodes and GUNTHER: A Potential Singles Match?

After their face-off as the final two competitors in the 2023 WWE men’s Royal Rumble match, fans have been eagerly anticipating a potential singles match between Cody Rhodes and GUNTHER. Rhodes, who won the men’s Royal Rumble, named GUNTHER as one of the three performers he wanted to face after finishing his story with Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

During a recent appearance on « My Love Letter To Wrestling, » GUNTHER expressed his interest in facing Rhodes in multiple singles matches in the future. He stated, « Cody is someone who is maybe my ideal opposite right now, and going forward it’s going to be a match that I’m very confident we’re going to do that match a couple of times in the next years. »

While many fans are excited about the potential match between Rhodes and GUNTHER, others have expressed their desire to see GUNTHER wrestle another top star, Brock Lesnar. Although Lesnar is currently tied up in a feud with Rhodes, GUNTHER remains hopeful that he and Lesnar might square off in the United Kingdom in the future, which is where next month’s Money in the Bank show will be held.

What’s Next for GUNTHER?

As the Intercontinental Champion, GUNTHER has been making waves in the WWE. Fans are eager to see what’s next for the rising star. With his potential matches against Rhodes and Lesnar, GUNTHER’s future in the WWE looks bright.

GUNTHER’s recent appearance on « My Love Letter To Wrestling » also shed light on his passion for the sport. He stated, « I love wrestling. I love everything about it. I love the physicality of it. I love the storytelling of it. I love the art of it. » With this kind of passion and dedication, it’s no wonder that GUNTHER is quickly becoming a fan favorite.


The potential singles match between Cody Rhodes and GUNTHER has fans excited for what’s to come in the WWE. GUNTHER’s passion for wrestling and his rising star power make him a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Whether he faces Rhodes, Lesnar, or another top star, fans can’t wait to see what’s next for the Intercontinental Champion.

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