Un canular entraîne un confinement à l’école secondaire Ardrey Kell, selon la police.


Ardrey Kell High School Placed on Lockdown Following Reported Threat

Ardrey Kell High School, located in south Charlotte, was placed on lockdown on Friday afternoon in response to a reported threat. The school sent a message to families stating that there was a possibility of an armed person on campus. Law enforcement officers were immediately dispatched to the school to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Sources have revealed that the building was thoroughly searched by law enforcement officers. However, no credible threat or evidence of a shooting was found. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) later confirmed that the report was a hoax, consistent with similar incidents occurring across the country.

A video shared with Channel 9 captured a CMPD officer addressing a group of concerned parents who had gathered at the school. The officer reassured them that nothing dangerous was discovered and expressed gratitude for their patience during the lockdown. In addition to Ardrey Kell High School, officers were also called to Community House Middle School to investigate reports of a threat. Both schools were placed on a precautionary lockdown.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools and the CMPD have been contacted for further information regarding the incident. As of now, it is unclear who made the false threat and what consequences they may face. The safety of students and staff remains a top priority for the school and law enforcement agencies.

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