Itasha Brunson & Kids Car Accident Mississippi [VIDEO]


    Mississippi: Itasha Brunson, a mother of 5, tried committing suicide along with her kids during a Facebook Live on June 25 after she found out that her boyfriend was married for a long time and kept it a secret. Shell-shocked Brunson then tried to take her life plus the two children.

    The Mississippi resident shared the discovery with her Facebook followers by going live on the platform and telling how disheartened she felt. Itasha repeatedly said that she wanted to end her life, along with the lives of her two kids.

    Tasha Brunson kept complaining about the lack of traffic during the 20-minute FB Live, which hindered her desire for suicide. She wanted to collide head-on with the traffic approaching her on the left lane. She said, “I want this to be something quick like traffic is so thin right now. I want this to happen so quickly.”

    Initially, Itasha Brunson wanted to end her life only, but later on, she chose to take all her daughter’s lives at the same time too. Mentioning that she desired someone from her family to “come with her.” Watch the entire twenty minutes video below.

    After ending the live-stream, she met with a multi-car accident on I-240 near Perkins Road in Memphis, 40 miles away from Holly Springs, Mississippi. The locals reported that Brunson and two of her children received “non-life-threatening” injuries.

    Prelim Info: Callers reported a multi-car accident, one of which is overturned. Two juveniles and one adult were transported. One of the children was critical, but now all parties are listed as non-critical.

    Replying to the hate comments she received during her Facebook Live, Itasha Brunson recently posted on Facebook from the hospital that she did not want to commit suicide, she did it just for seeking attention. She called out the names of people who were commenting harsh words.

    The recent video documents Brunson sobbing for the senseless decision she took to commit suicide. And later expresses how ungrateful and inhumane she was to her innocent kids. She said, “I met with an accident and I held two of my kids in my arms begging for help.”

    She added, “I’m okay everybody n my girls are stable just pray I didn’t mean for this to happen like this I was going live for Glen attention n didn’t know he was home sleep n. I wouldn’t dare hurt them girl n everybody know me know I wouldn’t I love kids.”

    Itasha has also set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for providing a healthy lifestyle to five of her kids.


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