LIVE BLOG: Hurricane Laura updates for SWLA


    8:35 a.m. Emergency crews are currently clearing paths along roads so that emergency vehicles can move through.

    Authorities ask residents to stay off the roads and ask those that evacuated not to return at this time so that the area can be made safe.

    8:20 a.m. Governor John Edwards confirms the first death in Louisiana as a result of Hurricane Laura. A 14-year-old girl was killed when a tree collapsed on her home. The location is currently unknown. More reports of deaths as a result of the storm are expected.

    6:15 a.m. Dick Gremillion with Calcasieu OHSEP says authorities will begin surveying damage in the next couple hours once damage dies down.

    Authorities ask residents that rode out the storm to stay home so that streets are clear for emergency crews and to text instead of call because towers may be damaged limiting service.

    If residents have an emergency they should call 911. Emergency crews will respond once they are able to get back on the roads.

    2:45 p.m. Sulphur Police Chief Lewis Coats says lots of trees down that he can say. Says he rode Rita out in the same building. “That was a cakewalk compared to this.”

    2:40 a.m. Vinton Mayor Kenny Stinson is at Vinton City Hall. He says they are seeing the worst of it. Trim coming off City Hall.

    BECi: 12,000 without power in Calcasieu, 10,000 in Beauregard, 5,000 in Allen, 500 inVernon, 300 in Jeff DavisCLECO: 1,000 without power in Allen, 300 in Beauregard, 1,400 in Calcasieu

    Hurricane #Laura Advisory 29A: Extremely Dangerous Category 4 Hurricane Laura Makes Landfall Near Cameron Louisiana. Catastrophic Storm Surge, Extreme Winds, and Flash Flooding Occurring in Portions of Louisiana.

    12:20 p.m. If you stayed, get to your safe place! Stay away from windows and doors!

    Midnight update: FROM National Hurricane Center: Northern eyewall of Laura moving over Cameron Parish. Catastrophic storm surge, extreme winds and flash flooding occurring in SWLA.


    11 pm EDT Position Update for Hurricane #Laura – The eyewall of Laura is nearing the coast of Louisiana. Catastrophic Storm Surge, Extreme Winds and Flash Flooding expected tonight and early Thursday.

    11:30 p.m. Conditions beginning to worsen in Lake Charles. Stay put and stay safe if you stayed!

    10:40 p.m. From Jillian Corder: Just a few minutes after our interview with Sheriff Tony Mancuso, the rain and wind started to really pick up.The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office has closed all the storm shutters and only one door remains accessible. Soon all the storm doors will be closed. There are dozens of deputies here tonight. We’ve all been given life jackets should conditions warrant us leaving at any point.

    10:30 p.m. Latest update shows Hurricane Laura a high-end Category 4; 75 miles from Lake Charles

    The eyewall will be making landfall between midnight and 2 am. East of the center of circulation will see the highest storm surge and strongest winds.Expect to see winds of 120+ mph near Lake Charles as the eyewall moves through the area.

    Winds of 75 to 100+ mph are expected in southeast Texas. Winds of 50 to 75 mph are expected in south central Louisiana.

    Storm surge in Lake Charles will be delayed until closer to sunrise. The combination of surge and rainfall will likely cause catastrophic flooding in this region.

    If southeast Texas can stay west of the center of circulation, storm surge will be delayed until closer to sunrise as well. The storm surge will be in the 5 to 8 ft range in southeast Texas.

    Storm surge in Vermilion Bay region has the potential to be in the 10 to 15 ft range

    Hurricane #Laura Advisory 29: Extremely Dangerous Hurricane Laura Closing in On the Northwest Gulf Coast. Catastrophic Storm Surge, Extreme Winds, and Flash Flooding Expected Tonight and Early Thursday.

    9:15 p.m. All of SWLA under Tornado Watch. A watch means conditions are favorable for a tornado. A warning means what appears to be a tornado has been spotted.

    A tornado watch has been issued for parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas until 8 AM CDT

    Pinewood Elementary School Shelter is at full capacity with 75 people and is being closed. Anyone still seeking shelter should go to First Pentecostal Church at 120 Mahlon St in DeRidder and that shelter is getting close to capacity and within the hour both will be locked down.

    The eye of category 4 Hurricane Laura is 95 miles from Lake Charles and 95 miles from Port Arthur. It is moving north-northwest at 15 mph. Maximum winds are 150 mph, just below category 5 strength.Tropical storm force winds are now approaching the I-10 corridor in Louisiana. Hurricane force winds will begin near the coast in the next 2 to 4 hours.One large rain band is moving into the I-10 corridor now, and very heavy rain will be moving onshore over the next several hours.

    Vernon Parish: All of Vernon Parish from 10 p.m. until the Chief and Sheriff advise it is safe to travel.


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    World news – US – LIVE BLOG: Hurricane Laura updates for SWLA



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