Lou Holtz urges Americans to “show up in November”


    (CBS News) – Legendary football coach Lou Holtz chastised politicians, professors, protesters and Mr. Trump’s « naysayers in the media, » saying they « like to blame others for problems, » while he grew up abiding by the principles instilled in him by his parents: not to blame anyone, to get an education, and to work.

    Those detractors, he said, « don’t have pride in our country. And because they no longer ask ‘what can I do for my country, only what the country should be doing for them,’ they don’t have pride in themselves. That’s wrong. »

    Holtz said that he has made decisions in his life based on trust, commitment and love, and when it comes to politicians, he asks himself whether he can trust them, whether they are committed to doing their best and whether they care about others.

    « Trust. Commitment. Love, » he said. « In President Trump we have a president we can trust, who works hard at making America greater, and who genuinely cares about people. »

    But Holtz said that Biden fails that test and urged Americans to “show up in November” to cast their votes for Mr. Trump.

    “I used to ask our athletes at Notre Dame, ‘If you did not show up who would miss you and why?’” he said. “Can you imagine what would happen to us if President Trump had not shown up in 2016 to run for President? I am so glad he showed up.”

    SOURCE: https://www.w24news.com

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