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Match 3 des finales de la NBA : Denver Nuggets contre Miami Heat en direct

Rolling report: The Heat play host to the Nuggets in Game 3 of the NBA finals at Miami’s Kaseya Center. Follow all the action with Hunter Felt

NBA Finals Game 3: Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets

The NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets is heating up, with the series now tied at 1-1. The Heat managed to beat the Nuggets in Game 2, becoming the first team to beat the Nuggets at home in the playoffs. The series has now moved to Miami, with the Nuggets playing without home-court advantage. The outcome of Game 3 will be crucial in determining the state of the series.

Adjustments will be key for both teams in Game 3. The Heat’s defense forced Nikola Jokić to become a scorer in Game 2, disrupting the team basketball that has been key to Denver’s success all season long. However, Jokić still managed to score 41 points, and the Nuggets were only a made three-pointer away from forcing overtime. The Heat will need to continue to make adjustments to contain Jokić, while the Nuggets will need to find ways to get their team basketball back on track.

Off the court, there have been reports that the Phoenix Suns are considering moving on from Chris Paul’s current contract. The Suns could trade the point guard, stretch his contract to reduce his salary cap hit, or waive and re-sign him. If he is on the move, expect contenders to seek the veteran’s services if the price is right.

Overall, Game 3 of the NBA Finals promises to be an exciting and crucial match-up between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets. Fans can catch every game of the NBA Finals on broadcast TV, live stream, or NBA League Pass.

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