Premier Soccer League plans to tackle Gender-based violence and Black Lives Matter


Aug 8, 2020 – 09:45 am
By Nkululeko Dladla

Premier Soccer league chairman Irvin Khoza has confirmed they are planning to support the fight against gender-based violence.

A few Premier Soccer League footballer have already used their platforms to speak out against gender-based violence in South Africa in recent months.

Meanwhile, the Black Lives Matters message has been used in sport around the world, most notably in the Premier League where footballers took a knee before the start of each match.

Khoza revealed on Friday that there are campaigns in place to speak out on the current on-going issues in the country.

« Yes, there are campaigns, messages in particular that is going to take place but this is ongoing program, » Khoza explained.

« We going to plan proper for the upcoming season to make sure there’s proper messaging in terms of voicenotes, the boards in the stadiums and virtual that are going to deal with these issues. »

Khoza did add they have cautioned by the world football governing body, FIFA, with regards to issues surrounding politics.

« But also we wanted to confine ourselves in things that are going to make us political going forward, because FIfa advised us to be careful when you deal with issues that are going to be in political nature, » he added.

« We are doing what we doing because they are in agenda of Fifa, issues of racism and gender-based violence, these are Fifa projects which we are doing as SAFA and PSL.

« Any other things, we must be careful on how we deal with them, we don’t find ourselves in a position where we will be in conflict with Fifa, we must advise any other political slogans won’t be allowed in the stadiums. »


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