Critique : Beyoncé ne parvient pas à livrer un chef-d’œuvre au Levi’s Stadium


Beyoncé’s Mixed Bag Concert in Santa Clara

Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara was abuzz with excitement as Beyoncé took the stage for her Renaissance World Tour. However, what was supposed to be a masterpiece turned out to be a mixed bag of a performance. Despite receiving rave reviews in previous cities, Beyoncé’s show in Santa Clara failed to connect with the audience and lacked the energy and enthusiasm expected at a big stadium show.

The concert started an hour late, but Beyoncé managed to captivate the crowd with her opening act, performing favorites like « Dangerously in Love » and covers of Rose Royce’s « I’m Going Down » and Ike & Tina Turner’s « River Deep – Mountain High. » However, the momentum quickly dissipated as Beyoncé took several mini-breaks throughout the show, leaving the audience disengaged.

One of the main issues was the unfamiliarity and disinterest in Beyoncé’s new material from her album « Renaissance. » Despite being an excellent record, the songs didn’t resonate as well in the live arena. The sound mix was also problematic, distorting the music and emphasizing the bass to uncomfortable levels.

Despite these flaws, there were some standout moments in the show, such as Beyoncé sharing the stage with her daughter Blue Ivy during the « Opulence » segment. However, these moments couldn’t salvage the overall lackluster performance.

Conclusion: Beyoncé’s Underwhelming Show

While Beyoncé is undoubtedly one of the greatest pop stars of all time, her concert in Santa Clara fell short of expectations. The production was visually stunning, with dance routines, special effects, and a live band, but it felt like Beyoncé was throwing everything at the audience without a cohesive connection. The show ended past the curfew, making it the third time Beyoncé has violated curfew regulations at Levi’s Stadium.

In the end, Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour in Santa Clara was a mixed bag, failing to live up to the hype and leaving the audience wanting more. Hopefully, future stops on the tour will address the flaws and deliver the unforgettable experience fans expect from Beyoncé.

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