Robertson County officials say residents should expect power outages


    FRANKLIN, Texas (KBTX) – On Wednesday the following alert was issued by Roberston County Emergency Management:

    “As we all know Hurricane Laura is most likely not going to affect us here in Robertson County with storm damage, BUT we will most likely lose power due to Entergy being in the affected area. I spoke with our Entergy rep this morning. They believe that if we experience an outage that it should be short term due to their ability to reroute energy from other plants.

    This storm has the ability to put our lights out for several days or more. Please don’t gamble with this. What we need from you is 48 hours!

    Go to the store and get enough bottled water to last you and your family for 48 hours. Do Not Hoard! Seriously Don’t Hoard!! It’s Rude!

    We will need the first 24 hours to determine how long the power will be out, and then 24 hours to get ice and water here from the state.

    Points of distribution will be set up around the county to get you what you need. But this will seriously take 48 hours.

    We need for you to reach out to any elderly or special needs family members affected and make arrangements to care for them. If you have family who has power and you can go there then do so, Please!

    If you have a portable generator and you want to cool or light your home with it please use common sense.

    Do Not hook a portable generator to your breaker box or home electrical system because you can back feed the grid and injure or kill a lineman working on the system.

    Do Not place a portable generator inside your home, just don’t do it! The fumes will kill you!

    If we wake up Friday morning and the lights are on then all should remain fine. We were prepared and that’s always good. Remember we are in this together and should work together!




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