Les Celtics font face à un carrefour critique avec Jaylen Brown.


Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics’ second star, has struggled in the playoffs, particularly against the Miami Heat. Despite being named second-team All-NBA, Brown’s résumé and skill set aren’t a no-brainer for a supermax contract. However, not being able to retain Brown would be a disaster for the Celtics. Brown’s ability to score is an essential part of Boston’s elite offense, and they couldn’t sniff a deep playoff run without him. The Celtics may consider shaking up their core or trading Brown for someone even better, but it’s hard to see them being better off going another route.

Brown’s train of alarming no-shows leads his team to a thorny, financially prohibitive predicament that will either destabilize their core and sabotage yearslong momentum or allow the Celtics to sustain one of the most impressive runs in the league. Brown’s expiring contract could scare off potential suitors that won’t surrender their most prized assets for someone who could walk in a year, but his age, versatility, and undeniable talent are extremely attractive. In a world where Boston decides to move on, sending him, Horford, and Payton Pritchard to the Clippers for Paul George and a first-round pick makes some sense for both sides.

Boston is stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. That’s the power of a direction-changing loss. Brown has earned the supermax because he’s one of the 20 best basketball players in the world. The Celtics might not be jumping through hula hoops to offer him one of the largest contracts in professional sports. But it’s hard to see them being better off going another route. This series hurts badly, but patience should still be a virtue in Boston, where every ingredient to win it all is already there.

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