THE NEW MUTANTS Arrives On Rotten Tomatoes With Dismal Scores From Critics And Moviegoers


    The New Mutants is (somehow) playing in theaters, and while the vast majority of critics have declined to review the movie until safe screening options are provided, verdicts are finding their way on to Rotten Tomatoes. As you’ve probably gathered from the headline, though, first impressions aren’t great. 

    Right now, there are 9 reviews from critics, with two « Fresh » and seven « Rotten. » That means The New Mutants currently holds a score of 22%, and even with 142 verified ratings from moviegoers, that « Audience Score » is still only 57%. Clearly not even fans willing to brave theaters to see it liked the movie that much, though it’s still early days and these numbers are bound to change. 

    Globe and Mail slate the movie, stating: « It is difficult to pinpoint exactly where Boone goes wrong, because there are just so many options to choose from. » didn’t enjoy the Marvel Comics adaptation, either, calling it « A plodding viewing experience, even with lowered expectations. It’s a better fit for television, as Boone is making a network pilot, not a big screen experience. »

    The only positive verdicts come from Espinof with « It may not become a cult film, but it is a solid adventure film, » and’s far from glowing, « It’s not perfect but I enjoyed this little teenage superhero origin story film. »Â 

    We’ll have our review of The New Mutants for you once it’s safe to watch the movie, but if you decided to check it out last night, make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 


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