World News – AU – Aldi sells $ 400 item


The discount supermarket is once again selling a cult Christmas item that is constantly selling – so you better get in quickly

Battling tangled lights and gift-wrapping disasters? Here are the best Christmas hacks of the season

It may still be too early to set up the Christmas tree, but that hasn’t stopped Aldi from bringing back one of his most popular holiday-themed specials

The discount supermarket chain will once again sell its illuminated $ 99 Christmas tree that has constantly sold out in previous years

At 213 yards and with lights already attached it’s a steal, moms used to label it as « the best 100 dollars I’ve spent »

The tree will arrive in Aldi stores on November 4 but has already created a buzz on Facebook where shoppers have warned those who want to get their hands on the tree to get in quickly

« I bought one 3 years ago and it’s so good Better than my $ 400 David Jones bill I had before! » one person wrote in the Facebook group Aldi Fans Australia

People also praised the tree’s quick setup saying it only took five minutes as all the branches were already attached

“I’ve had it for 3 years and love it,” one person wrote “It’s just a few pieces that bind together then you knock down the branches There are so many branches it looks decent, although you can’t be bothered to bend / swell the little branches « 

Others have said that the Aldi tree is perfect for families because you can change the colors of light from white to multicolored or a mixture of both

Shoppers looking for a slightly less traditional tree might head to Target, the department store selling a unique wooden Christmas tree for $ 89

Instead of leafy branches, minimalist tree branches are pieces of wood, with a simple star on top

In a post to the Target Mums Australia Facebook group, many buyers declined the tree’s $ 89 price for the « sticks »

« Worth $ 25 no more, » wrote one person, while another commented: « $ 80 ?? That sure is not correct »

Another said that the tree reminded them to « pick up sticks like a child and make these trees » when they were children, while one person was more dull and said the tree was a  » bloody horror « 

However, not everyone liked the minimalist tree, with buyers saying that the tree’s simple style was « gorgeous » and would make decorating easier.

“I love this style! I was quoted $ 800 for something similar and I think $ 89 is a good deal, « one mom commented

Aldi’s preliminary Christmas tree will be available from November 4th, however, there may be delays at some stores.Customers are encouraged to visit Aldi’s website for up to date information

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News from around the world – AU – Aldi sells $ 400 item
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