World News – AU – Gareth Bale ‘was the ONLY Real Madrid player to REJECT a pay cut’


Posted: 12:14 PM EDT October 18, 2020 | Updated: 4:00 p.m. EDT October 18, 2020

Gareth Bale was said to have been the only Real Madrid player to refuse to take a pay cut earlier this year as the club battled the financial ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic

With the club losing revenue due to the football suspension, staff and players have been asked to agree to a 10% cut in their annual salaries, with that figure rising to 20% if the league cannot continue

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The entire first team is believed to have agreed to the pay cut except Bale The Welshman was advised by his reps to refuse his gigantic pay cut of £ 500,000 per week

Gareth Bale was the only Real Madrid player to refuse to take a pay cut amid the pandemic

Rather than handing over some of his money to the club, he instead chose to give a huge donation of £ 500,000 to the Cardiff & Vale Health Charity in his native Wales

Sergio Ramos was responsible for the liaison between Real Madrid chiefs and the squad, but it was Zinedine Zidane who helped the players recognize the importance of helping the club, according to Cadena Ser via Marca

Bale, who had a difficult relationship with Zidane and the club’s fans, was said to have been the only Madrid player who wanted to continue to be paid his full salary Of course, he didn’t keep the full amount to himself, showing his generosity with his donation

Players and staff who lost 10% of their salary helped the club save just under € 50m (£ 45m)

Bale, who became the most expensive footballer in history when signing for Real Madrid seven years ago, pocketed Madrid £ 24million a year – and is said to have saved the club £ 50,000 by week if he accepted the reduction

The Welsh striker has always been a controversial figure in the Spanish capital and after a turbulent period at Real Madrid, Bale was finally discharged on his return to Tottenham this summer

Bale will likely make his second Spurs debut against London rivals West Ham on Sunday

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World News – AU – Gareth Bale ‘was the ONLY Real Madrid player to REJECT a reduction in salary ‘


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