World News – AU – ‘Granny Smith’ launch completes redesigned Australian banknote package


The Reserve Bank has released the latest coin in its’ new generation’ line of Australian banknotes

The new $ 100 bill will go into circulation on Thursday, finally catching up with other bills – with a new look and a security upgrade

RBA Governor Philip Lowe said the banknote program took 10 years to complete, with the new $ 100 crowning the crown

« The release of the new $ 100 marks the completion of a decade-long program to improve the security of our banknotes. As a result, Australia continues to have some of the best and most safe in the world, ”said Mr. Lowe

« We also continue to celebrate the exceptional contributions of two well-known Australians, Sir John Monash and Dame Nellie Melba, on the new $ 100 »

Sir John Monash was an engineer, soldier and civic leader known for his influence in the building construction industry and for his service as a commander during World War I

Dame Nellie Melba was an internationally renowned soprano who performed in Australia, Europe and the United States and taught at the Melba Memorial Conservatorium of Music, now the Melba Opera Trust

The updated tickets have been designed with top-to-bottom windows providing additional security features They are also more recognizable for the visually impaired

The panel on the new ‘Granny Smith’ features an inverted ‘100’ hidden in an image from the Shrine of Remembrance – which Sir John helped build There is also a three-dimensional fan with colored lines, depicting the Dame Nellie’s career as a performer

All new notes have a « touch » feature to help the blind or visually impaired On the new $ 100 there are five raised bumps on each of the long edges

The release of the new $ 100 follows an embarrassing debacle involving its youngest cousin, the $ 50 bill

The RBA blushed in May after a sharp-eyed consumer spotted a small but significant misspelling on the new ‘pineapple’

Under a microscope, the $ 50 bill revealed a typo in the reverse text, which contains excerpts from Edith Cowan’s first speech to the Parliament of Western Australia

In the phrase « it is a great responsibility to be the only woman here », the word « responsibility » is misspelled as « responsibility » – twice

The RBA has promised to fix the error on the next run, and the $ 100 bill hopefully got under the microscope ahead of its release on Thursday

Reserve Bank Deputy Governor Lindsay Boulton said Australians shouldn’t expect to see the new $ 100 steadily for a while

« We predict that it will take some time for people to regularly see the new $ 100 bill in circulation, as our higher value bill is generally used as a store of wealth rather than for transactions, » he said. declared Mrs Boulton

Existing $ 100 bills are still legal tender and can continue to be used – in fact, the RBA expects old and new to circulate for some time

« In fact, all of our banknotes, including paper notes issued many years ago, are still legal tender in Australia, » she said

The RBA said it has been working with « banknote makers » and retailers to ensure that ATMs and other authenticators can handle the upgrade

Of course the RBA upgraded the $ 50 note and the $ 20 note in 2019, the new $ 10 note was released in 2017, and the $ 5 note was updated in 2016

If you are desperate to complete the set with the $ 100 bill and have the equivalent legal value, details can be viewed on the banknotes website

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World news – AU – ‘Granny Smith’ launch completes redesigned australian banknotes series



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