World News – AU – Mathias Cormann nominated for first OECD post despite criticism of Coalition’s climate change policy


Australian Finance Minister says Coalition is committed to climate action and his track record will not stand in the way of his candidacy for Secretary General

Mathias Cormann says the Coalition’s heavily criticized track record on climate policy will not stand in the way of Australia courting international support for him to become the next secretary-general of the Organization for Economic Cooperation based in Paris -operation and development

The finance minister, who announced in July that he would resign by the end of the year, is leaving the Senate at the end of October and will be appointed by the Morrison government as secretary general of the OECD Message from ???

The PM confirmed the appointment on Thursday Cormann will be replaced as Finance Minister and Leader of the Government in the Senate by Simon Birmingham, who will also retain his trade portfolio

Belgium-born Cormann took to the campaign trail on Thursday Speaking in French, he said the Morrison government was committed to the Paris deal and to meeting emission reduction targets

Some liberal and national parties have openly challenged the science of climate change and the Coalition repealed a carbon price legislated by the Gillard government (which it called a tax when it was not) on climate policy have caused internal eruptions leading to liberal leadership changes since 2009, but Cormann suggested the conversation within the Coalition was about the most effective mechanism to reduce emissions.

– The discussion in Australia has not, as far as we are concerned, about whether or not we are committing to act effectively on climate change we are a???? Corman said

â ???? The debate in Australia has always been about how best to achieve in the most efficient and economically appropriate way the best possible emission reductions in an economically reasonable ????

Cormann said he looked forward to the opportunity when promoting his candidacy to counter comments on the government’s record on climate action which he said was – with respect, not always as knowledgeable as it should be

OECD membership is dominated by European countries, and Australia’s climate change record has been questioned and sometimes criticized by countries with more ambitious emission reduction commitments

While Cormann will be respected in parliament and have a cordial personal relationship with shadowy Foreign Secretary Penny Wong, established during their time split in the Senate, it will be a sensitive issue for Labor

The Coalition refused to nominate Kevin Rudd when he made a concerted speech to become the next UN Secretary-General Rudd was furious about the snub and said Malcolm Turnbull, then Prime Minister, had reneged on previous support suggestions

When Turnbull refused to back Rudd he said it was because he was not fit for the job

When Morrison was reminded of this story on Thursday, the PM said candidates should be considered – on their merits and I know Mathias has earned the respect of members all over this place –

Cormann will leave the Senate at the end of the month and travel to Europe to lobby for the post He acknowledged that the pandemic would complicate this lobbying effort

With Birmingham’s rise to the top of the Senate, the Prime Minister appointed Michaelia Cash as Deputy House Leader Morrison has confirmed he will reshuffle his ministry at the end of the year after parliament has risen for the summer

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News from the world – AU – Mathias Cormann appointed as OECD leader despite his criticism of the Coalitionâ? Climate change policy of ???



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