World News – AU – Melania Trump tore her hand from Donald Trump’s after debate


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First Lady Melania Trump was not in favor of President Donald Trump’s attempt to hold her hand as they left the stage after last night’s debate against Democratic candidate Joe Biden People on Twitter have noticed and captured a snippet of the moment, featuring Melania forcefully withdrawing her hand from her husband’s As several have noted, this isn’t the first time Melania has been filmed refusing to hold Donald’s hand or pulling hers away from hers:

LOL, in this video Joe Biden tries to greet Trump, but Trump doesn’t even recognize him, then Melania rips her hand off Donald Trump imageTwittercom / KxsoNfzKzY

This must be at least the tenth time Melania has done this to Trump on camera 😂 #DebateTonight picTwittercom / yMmbLlgxmB

Images of similar incidents have gone viral and made headlines over the years.There is this one in May 2017:

« I know I have been an absent dad and a horrible husband – including egregious affairs while you were pregnant – but let’s just hold hands at this event » PhotoTwittercom / gLDCs40iCk

Perhaps Melania’s biggest controversy this month has been her audio remarks secretly recorded by her former aide and friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, and posted in early October by Wolkoff

At one point, Melania talks about Donald and the criticism she received due to the President’s separation of migrant children at the border She told Wolkoff: « They say I’m an accomplice I’m the even like him, i support him i don’t say enough i don’t do enough where i am « 

Melania added, « I work my ass on Christmas stuff, you know, who cares about Christmas stuff and decorations? But I have to, right? »

Wolkoff confirmed that she did, and Melania then said, « Okay, then I do and I say I’m working on Christmas and cooking for Christmas and they said, ‘Oh, what about the children they were separated from? ‘ Give me a fucking break Where did they say something when Obama did that I can’t go I was trying to reunite the kid with the mom I had no luck – must follow the process and the law « (CNN, by the way, noted that it was Obama’s policy to separate children only » when authorities had concerns for their welfare « or could not confirm a legal guardian)

Here is all the audio from Melania Trump aired on @andersoncooper tonight The audio was recorded by her former friend and advisor @SWWCreative In the tapes Ms. Trump talks about: – Family breakups – Christmas – « Liberal media » – The photo of the jacket « I really don’t care » Twittercom / N2Y8QtqD8n

Melania Trump

World news – AU – Melania Trump tore her hand from Donald Trump’s after debate



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