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Since its first launch in February 2010, Microsoft Azure’s proprietary cloud computing solution has quickly established itself as one of the world’s leading cloud platform players. Today, it has evolved significantly to provide a multitude of different services leveraging Microsoft technologies, including virtual machines hosting Windows operating systems, application deployment with clients running on different systems, and much more

Today, many businesses need the flexibility of a scalable solution that can deliver computing resources, object storage, and virtual machines without facing the insurmountable costs of running a center. Microsoft Azure Data Management is the answer to these problems, and more, and now is the time to learn more about it

In this article, we’ll quickly walk you through what you need to know about Azure before you apply it to your organization.However, if you want to dive into the world of Azure and learn directly from experts and professionals to be successful, don’t don’t forget ESPC20 Online virtual conference is coming soon Learn everything you need to keep pace and move forward!

Microsoft Azure provides its cloud computing services on a resource consumption basis Instead of paying for the reserved capacity of a traditional data center, Azure allows users to pay for exactly what they need because each service is priced as a measured service For example, a virtual machine (VM) is priced by estimating the sum of each individual unit price for virtual storage, processor, memory, and network services needed

New to Azure Free Tier will also receive $ 200 in Azure Credits which could be applied to any non-third party service in addition to 12 months of free use of its innovative AI. If you’re new to Azure, don’t don’t forget to participate in the « Practical guide to Azure troubleshooting and diagnostics » session organized by Sasha Kranjac

Microsoft offers several discount packages to make its cloud services even more accessible.In particular, here are some highlights:

Azure also offers a wide range of optional additional services beyond virtual machines, CDNs and storage They include:

Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS): Used to create and manage fully scalable Kubernetes clusters If you want to know all the secrets of AKS, its main features, and how to integrate it with other Azure services, be sure to  » attend the next « Kubernetes on Azure » session by Vishwas Lele

Azure Arc: a solution to simplify distributed infrastructures spanning multiple environments such as edge, multicloud, hybrid and on-premises If you want to use Azure Arc, make sure you don’t miss the « Azure Arc for Servers: The Future of On-Premises Configuration Management « 

Azure Media Services: A platform that delivers content offers cloud-based, AI-enhanced video encoding and streaming services

Azure Front Door: A very secure entry point for all web applications and distributed microservices architectures If you want to learn some tips on how to make your Azure network even more bulletproof, remember no attending the « Secure Azure Network Architecture » session organized by Aidan Finn

Azure Stack Hub: is a hybrid cloud option for workloads that need to stay on-premises It is a solution to run Azure services and applications in any on-premises data center

Azure Cognitive Cache: A set of services that take full advantage of the advanced features of artificial intelligence such as computer vision, natural language processing, and advanced decision-making capabilities If you want to know the many uses of this service and how to integrate it into your organization, see the « Deep Dive on Azure Cognitive Services Vision APIs » session hosted by Donald Hessing

There’s no better way to learn more about Azure than to learn it directly from world-class community leaders and members of the Microsoft Azure product team, right? not? The ESPC20 Online is an independent and market-leading virtual conference where you can enjoy full-day tutorials and visionary keynotes to improve your professional skills and inspire you to new levels

Hear keynote speaker Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Microsoft Cloud AI Group, the man behind Microsoft’s industry-leading cloud infrastructure, database, and artificial intelligence platform that revolutionized business The company’s most important server and cloud technologies Next, improve your Azure knowledge during a week of dedicated Azure sessions on topics such as Cloud Automation, Kubernetes, Logic Apps, Azure PaaS, Azure Arc, Azure Cognitive Services, and much more

So what are you waiting for? Put all the ropes aside and full steam ahead in a juicy week of Azure knowledge with the ESPC20 Virtual Conference Online!

Dr Claudio Butticè, Pharmré, is a former clinical and hospital pharmacist who has worked for several public hospitals in Italy, as well as for the humanitarian NGO Emergency He is now an accomplished book author who has written on topics such as medicine, technology, world poverty, human rights and science His latest book is « Universal Health Care » (Greenwood Publishing, 2019) Data analyst and freelance journalist also, many of his articles have appeared in magazines such as Cracked, The Elephant, Digital Journal, The Ring of Fire and Business Insider Dr Butticè has also published pharmacology and psychology articles in several clinical journals, and works as a medical consultant and advisor for numerous companies around the world.

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World News – AU – Microsoft Azure 101: A Beginner’s Guide


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