World news – AU – Monkey fills Malaysian student’s phone with ‘selfies’ after taking it


Published: 16:05 BST, 15 September 2020 | Updated: 16:05 BST, 15 September 2020

A Malaysian man was stunned to find a series of monkey ‘selfies’ on his phone after the curious primate stole the device from his house.

Zackrydz Rodzi, 20, a student from the town of Batu Pahat, in the south of Malaysia, said he went to sleep with the phone beside his bed on Friday night, but woke up on Saturday to find it missing. 

He eventually tracked the missing device to the jungle behind his house and, when he unlocked it, he discovered pictures of the culprit saved in his gallery. 

Zackrydz Rodzi, 20, a student from Malaysia, found his phone filled with ‘selfies’ of a monkey after it was taken from his bedside as he slept

Mr Rodzi said he showed the photos to friends and family who ‘couldn’t believe it’, before posting them online where they have racked up thousands of views.

Most of the images are grainy, blurry or out of focus, or show parts of the surroundings such as leaves or tree branches. 

But a couple of shots show the monkey’s face as it fumbles with the phone, before it abandoned the device in the jungle.

Mr Rodzi explained to the BBC that the bizarre ordeal began around 11am Saturday when he woke up to find his phone missing.

He said there was no sign of a robbery, and that after a spending a day looking for the device, he was still unable to find it.

But on Sunday, his father happened to mention that he had seen a monkey around the house overnight Friday, and suggested he check the jungle behind the house.

Mr Rodzi said his phone went missing on Saturday before he discovered it in the jungle near his back garden the following day, then found the pictures of the monkey

Mr Rodzi said his family could not believe it when they saw the photos, describing it as ‘something that you might see once in a century’

Using his brother’s phone to call his device, Mr Rodzi soon tracked it to an area of trees immediately behind the back garden.

Mr Rodzi said his uncle suggested the he check the camera-reel in case the suspect photographed himself, ‘and boom, it’s full of monkey photos.’

The family now suspects the monkey entered through his brother’s open window before making off with the phone. 

‘[This is] something that you might see once in a century,’ he wrote as he tweeted the image out on Sunday.

In 2011, British photographer David Slater was taking pictures of macaques in Indonesia when one of the animals snatched his camera and pressed the shutter.

The resulting image – a grinning shot of the monkey face-on – then became the subject of a legal battle after Peta sued, claiming the monkey owned the copyright.

Mr Slater fought and eventually won the case, but agreed to donate 25 per cent of future revenue from it to charities protecting the macaques.  

While some of the photos show the monkey’s face, the majority of them are either blurred or show the surrounding trees and leaves

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