World News – AU – NBC’s This is Us star Justin Hartley tore his bicep in workout – Drew Reports News


The’ This Is Us’ star suffered an uncomfortable injury while in quarantine amid the pandemic and confessed that it happened after « a workout he » did ‘shouldn’t have done « 

Speaking in an upcoming look on “The Ellen DeGeneres Program,” he said, “I was working out and ended up doing something really ridiculous I ripped my bicep from my arm It was mean The tendon that holds it to the bone broke off It looked like someone had torn your shirt It was bad

« [Exercise] was something I invented It was something I shouldn’t have done It was like a bicep curl, but I think I shook the weight or maybe it was too much weight « 

The 43-year-old star was « in shock » when the injury occurred and the discomfort quickly began to spread

He continued, « I heard it I think I was in shock, but I felt like how I would describe it, I stopped because I heard it It was awful sound

« I felt like a little grain of sand [near my biceps] Then it turned into a pea, then a ball, then a golf ball, then a tennis ball, then a soft ball , then a watermelon It was just like it was huge, like a human head was there « 

Justin was rushed to hospital and later had the opportunity to see a ‘disgusting’ video of his surgical treatment

He said, « They put it back The doctor opened me up I’m totally healed now I’m fine The doctor showed me the video of the surgery They were literally able to grab the tendon and pull it out of my arm They showed me the video, it’s quite disgusting « 

He said: « It took about three months to heal, I’m 95% now It’s a little tight but it’s going to be okay, I’m lifting weights again »

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World News – AU – NBC’s This is Us star Justin Hartley tore his bicep during a workout – Drew Reports News



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