World News – AU – Packers vs Score Buccaneers: live updates, game stats, highlights, TV, streaming information for Week 6 match


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The Green Bay Packers are unbeaten and come out of a full week of rest, but they are arguably facing their toughest obstacle yet: Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Aaron Rodgers was nearly perfect in his MVP honors bid this year, and he reunited with Davante Adams in Tampa for that Week 6 showdown But Brady and the Bucs are no doubt thirsty for a rebound after a sour near Week 5, when they fell vs. Nick Foles and the Chicago Bears in prime time Pressed to keep pace with the rest of a competitive NFC South, Tampa Bay will also be home for this game, which will pit two of this generation’s most legendary QBs in a battle for NFC bragging rights. Can Rodgers and Co remain undefeated and at the top of NFC North, while asserting themselves as the class of the conference? Or does Bruce Arians have another offensive blast on the squeeze, with Brady shot in front of the Tampa Bay crowd? Keep it locked here throughout Sunday’s contest for live updates and analysis of all things Packers-Bucs, including fantasy, betting and in-game ratings

Bucs have a convincing 28-10 lead at the half And not only that, but they have all the momentum Just look at the game that ended the half: Ndamukong Suh doesn’t just push Aaron Rodgers to the ground for the bag, but he chews it for a while after Tampa Bay is feeling right now, and why not? The Packers are crushed at this point I haven’t seen Green Bay tested like this so far in 2020 It will be really interesting to see if Matt LaFleur is about to drop out of the race in the second half so Rodgers can continue to take punches and try to tip things in their favor

Our game hero, featured by @SaintLeoUniv, is First Lt. Salwa Salloum of the @usairforce First Lt. Salloum has served our country since 2003, winning many medals throughout his deployment Thank you! imageTwittercom / LWH0g8qiMN

Thanks to Todd Bowles for really dialing the right calls since the Packers’ first two records Aaron Rodgers looks frustrated, and rightly so The pressure has been there when it needed and when it didn’t worked, the cover was surprisingly solid Tom Brady with a real chance to put the Bucs in the lead before half-time

End Buccaneers’ final drive by Tom Brady, who recovers a low slam and sends a perfect TD to Tyler Johnson in the corner of the end zone Tampa Bay now has a 21-10 lead as halftime Approach On a day that started almost perfectly for the Packers, who opened with a 10-0 run and moved easily across the pitch, two Aaron Rodgers picks (!) completely turned this game into a Bucs favor Brady also does a good job spreading the ball Six different TB players have already caught a pass

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t thrown an interception on any of his 153 first passes of the 2020 season The Buccaneers have now hit two of his last three

In two drives, Aaron Rodgers may have dropped a few spots in the MVP Saint Smokes race After a calm, cool and collected opening from No 12 and the visiting Packers, the Buccaneers suddenly took the lead after back-to-back picks Rodgers Carlton Davis plays Davante Adams incredibly well on a slope, flipping the ball into the waiting arms of Mike Edwards, and the rest is history Tampa Bay is now up 14-10 with around 11 minutes to go in the first half Rodgers only threw four INTs in 2019 Now threw two in his last three assists Tom Brady doesn’t even need to play!

Well, well, well If Tom Brady wasn’t going to knock down the Buccaneers, the Tampa Bay defense might well Jamel Dean just sitting on a Davante Adams road, and Aaron Rodgers doesn’t see him, which leads to sensational easy pick What a detour here for the Bucs Suddenly we have a 10-7 game, with Rodgers giving the Bucs rare turnover that leads straight to points

Tom Brady barks at himself or his teammates after shooting incomplete on a third target at Chris Godwin No 12 hasn’t been fully synchronized since last week He and the Bucs have gained just 39 yards three minutes into the second quarter and have played 10 games less than the Packers It’s clear who controls this NFC game from the start

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World News – AU – Packers vs Score Buccaneers: live updates, game stats, highlights, television, streaming information for the week 6 game



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