World News – AU – Recap: We watched the SAS Australia premiere so you don’t have to


SAS Australia premiere promises mud, sweat and tears, although its cast of so-called celebrities leaves a lot to be desired

The sadistic management staff of SAS Australia, or « The Staff » as they are called, really wants to make it clear that they don’t know or care who these celebrities are

It’s relatable because, except for a few vaguely familiar faces, we don’t really know them either

The competitors arrive with black hoods over their heads, and we learn that they will experience two brutal and extreme weeks of physical and psychological anguish

The clear headliner and most recognizable name is convicted drug trafficker Schapelle Corby, which may or may not be a thinly veiled commentary on the type of people we elevate to celebrity status in this country.

Along with Corby are The Biggest Loser’s Commando, PR Queen Roxy Jacenko and former rugby player Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins, who found widespread fame by dropping his last two contenders. for the Bachelor in 2018

The first task that competitors are forced to endure is a spindle fall backwards from a helicopter into icy water, and this is where Jacenko tells us she has never experienced a failure of his whole life

« I’ve never had a failure, » boasts Jacenko, ignoring her marital infidelity and drug and alcohol abuse while her husband was in prison for insider trading in 2016

Many contestants take this opportunity to divulge their reason for joining the show and, as you might expect, almost everyone is talking about proving something to themselves and to the audience

Former Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise star Ali Oetjen has the best answer ever, and lets us know that she has joined this reality show to prove to Australians that she is « more than ‘a simple reality TV « 

Between barking in the faces of competitors and forcing them to crawl through the mud in freezing temperatures, the rude staff of SAS Australia do not punch any way

Tears are plentiful, so if you’re the type to watch the privileged collapse and cry, you’ve come to the right place

Competitors use exposed pools for bathing and sleeping in a large room, filled with uncomfortable cots

As anyone who has been to a school camp knows, perhaps the most difficult task of all is just trying to sleep in a room full of potential snorers (and The Honey Badger looks like it ‘have a loud pipe set on him)

Later, contestants are forced to wear headgear and boxing gloves when fighting, and are encouraged by staff to « punch themselves » in the head

This is bad news for anyone who makes money with their face (so most of them)

AFLW player Sabrina Frederick establishes herself as the alpha female by choosing to face The Honey Badger

« I am a black woman, in a homosexual relationship, I work in a predominantly male sport… I know what women can do »

It’s possible that Frederick also watched Cummins’ season of The Bachelor and is keen to put a fist on women

As Frederick serves us girls, actor Dirani is the first contender to slip and disrespect The Staff, which gave the whole team a dip in an icy cove

Six hours into the first day and already at the breaking point, Roxy “I-never-had-failed” Jacenko throws in the towel at the thought of a cold dive and announces its withdrawal from the series

While it may be appealing to poke fun at Jacenko’s six-hour effort, anyone who has a sibling or partner who constantly uses all the hot water will sympathize with Jacenko’s aversion to an ice bath in below zero – it’s just inhumane

The episode ends by giving us exactly what we came here for: some details about Corby’s life in lockdown

With a black hood over her face, Corby is taken to an interrogation room to rehash the trauma she suffered in an Indonesian prison and the loss of her father in 2008

« I don’t eat meat anymore because my hallucinations were so vivid that I thought I was eating my father’s human flesh, » she said

For the most part, SAS Australia’s conditions appear to mimic the actual conditions of the Special Air Service regiment it was modeled on (minus the alleged war crimes)

Sure, Corby’s controversial cast on the show will no doubt ruffle a few feathers, but if you’re following any of the show’s other B-level celebrities, or looking to satisfy your sadistic side by watching from pretty people sobbing, you might consider tuning in

And who knows, if Channel Seven does manage to get a second season, they will still be able to call drug dealer Renae Lawrence

Australia, Roxy Jacenko, Nick Cummins, Sabrina Frederick

World News – AU Recap: We watched the SAS Australia premiere so you don’t have to



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