World News – AU – Sophie Ecclestone: «  I’m so excited to see what the future holds for a female IPL  »


English turner Sophie Ecclestone talks about the pressure of being the No of the ICC T20I ranked 1 bowler (1:38)

England spinner Sophie Ecclestone arrived at the Women’s T20 Challenge in 2019 shortly before her 20th birthday following a breakthrough year in international cricket.She was the tournament’s most economical bowler, taking a 2-for-24 combined through her eight overs, and returns 18 months later for the third edition as a Ranked 1 No Bowler T20I She recently spoke to ESPNcricinfo from her hotel room 40s

How are you in quarantine so far? What did you do to pass the time?
It’s day three, so halfway there, and I’m bored now I want to hang out Me and Dan [Danni Wyatt] had a paint by numbers before our outing She almost finished hers, but I think I ‘got a really tough one so I already lost interest in it It’s so boring So yeah it’s been Netflix and… just scroll TikTok over and over I just started watching Broadchurch My brother has said it was really good, and thought I might as well give it a try I watched the first 15 minutes and everything is a little dark and gloomy We are only allowed out of the room for our three Covid tests , otherwise I don’t see anyone [Danni and I] did a few HIIT classes together which kept us entertained, but in general we felt stuck in a hotel room

Details of the T20 Challenge were released quite late, and the last time we spoke you didn’t know what winter was going to bring you Was it still on your mind? I was going to go to the Big Bash I initially said yes, but since my quarantine was two weeks and in a bubble I was like: no, I’m fine, I’m going to drop by and try to do the next year When this [Women’s T20 Challenge] came up with six days of quarantine and in Dubai I thought I could handle it I was going [to the WBBL] at some point I had to send them an e -mail saying I’m really sorry, but I don’t think I can do this Hope I can do it next year I feel really bad, but I hope they will bring me back at some point

We had the England training camp in Derby which lasted a couple of weeks, then the bubble at Burleigh Court [Loughborough] and then Derby again which lasted a month and a bit, and I think that the girls spent three days turning around before they took off for quarantine in Australia I think that would have been too much

You took part in the T20 Challenge last year and you did well What are your memories of this tournament? Must be good to have familiar faces on the Trailblazers team too?
I’m really excited to start over I loved it last year The girls were so nice and I get along really well with everyone We have a really good squad so hopefully we can make the final this year C was a great experience going there I was really nervous It was the first team I went to overseas so I was really nervous about being a foreigner But I think meeting the girls was the most nervous part – a new team, and I didn’t know anyone But then to meet them all, and they were so kind and welcoming It really helped Really happy to be on the same team this year

What does Smriti Mandhana look like as a captain? She backed you up with a few overs to the death in close matches last time around
Indian players are very relaxed – everyone can see it She is a very good captain – she knows the game very well and being on the same team as she is really good She is not my favorite hitter to play in bowling, so being on the same team is ideal I was really glad to know that she was supporting me As a foreigner you’re going to get these roles and be put in pressure situations so for her it was really nice to give it to me

Your other teammates include Deandra Dottin – the top scorer in the T20I series you played last month – and Nattakan Chantam from Thailand…
It’s an exciting thing for me and DD to be on the same team.She did so well in the West Indies-England series so I’m really glad I don’t have to play her ball anymore She’s up there when she launches – if you put her in the slot she’ll definitely hit you for six or four And yes I’m really excited to meet her [Chantam] because I don’t know too much about her Obviously , in the T20 World Cup we faced each other, but I’m really looking forward to getting to know her I don’t remember that game very much, but I really remember the name so I’m happy to be on the same team that she

The T20 Challenge was an exciting tournament last year, but expansion plans were put on hold for obvious reasons. Do you hope this season can serve as a forerunner for a full-fledged female IPL?
Yeah I loved it last year It’s hot enough in Dubai but it looks amazing I just can’t wait to go now and get out of my 40s I’m really excited to see what the future holds reserve at IPL I think it’s a big tournament, and the men are doing so well, and the cricket is getting so big for the women out there that I don’t see why it can’t go big I had heard rumors that there were supposed to be four teams this year, but because of Covid I don’t think that’s possible Hope it can happen in the next few years and we can put on a big tournament

You mentioned your No. 1 ranking earlier Does that put extra pressure on you in this tournament? Did you feel that during the series against the West Indies?
I don’t think I’m young enough – I’m still only 21 – so I still see myself as the baby of the team, kind of being so young and still learning and being no 1 is pretty weird, but I have to keep working hard I think being a foreigner in general is a big pressure – when a foreigner comes to play for your team in England you expect a lot from them So I hope I can return – they got me twice now

Do you remember what you were doing when you heard you switched to No It was during the World Cup and I was out for tea with my boyfriend because he was there He was like  » Sophie, have you seen Twitter?  » I said no ‘He said « look! » and that was me and Shafali [Verma] at the top of the ICC story It was really cool, then my mom and dad texted me so it was really cool It was a goal for me – c ‘was a long term goal for me to achieve, to be no 1 in the world Getting it so early and being recognized was really good Hope I could stay there for a while – to be honest I would really sad if i would drop to No 2 When that day comes i will be really sad but i hope to stay there as long as i can

After this tournament, England have a series lined up in New Zealand early next year, and will then start building a huge year in 2022, when there will be two World Cups and one Commonwealth Games. on the program Has this year stuck in your mind?
I’ve never been to New Zealand before so playing there Heard a lot of great things about it I haven’t really thought about 2022 Now that you’ve said it I think it will be a great year for women’s cricket Playing at Commonwealth Games and trying to win a gold medal is really surreal I think for the team the 50 Plus World Cup is a big one – trying to keep the title And then the T20 World Cup is a big one because we got knocked out in that half day because of the rain so they’re all really important to us I was really sad to miss that [England Cup win world in 2017] – I was sitting in the crowd and it was amazing to watch, and I would have loved to be a part of it But what they did for women’s cricket that day and hopefully to be part of the squad in 2022 to try to keep the title would be great

If I told you that you can only win one of these three tournaments, which one would you choose?
I think it should be the Commonwealth Games Obviously we haven’t played this before To win a gold medal not many people can do it If it’s on the BBC I hope everyone can watch it This game we played against the West Indies was great for women’s cricket – so many people who hadn’t watched have seen it before and really enjoyed it My nan normally has to buy Sky for the month I’m there so for her to be on the BBC was so much easier for her to find For people like that who don’t have access it was awesome : Not everyone is lucky enough to have Sky, and I hope this can help us inspire the next generation

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World News – AU – Sophie Ecclestone: «  I’m really excited to see what the future holds for a female IPL  »
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