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NYCC gave us our first look at the upcoming BBC America series The Watch, an adaptation of Sir Terry Pratchett’s novel Discworld The story follows the City Watch, a group of ragged cops tasked with protecting Ankh -Morpork Hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown, the panel includes executive producers Richard Stokes and Simon Allen, the latter also being a showrunner

Wendell Pierce is the voice of Death, and he seems to have been completely « Daniel Day-Lewis » and showed up to the panel fully in character. Of all the iterations we’ve seen of Death, this is probably my favorite, and the voice is just perfect!

Richard Dormer (from Game of Thrones) plays Sam Vines, our de facto main character and Captain of the City Watch, and he talked a bit about what it takes to get into a character’s free space. as complicated

« The Boots I had a great pair of boots and I thought: It’s all about walking and a man who is oppressed, nobody listens to him; he’s sorry, alcoholic »

In this world, we also have Lady Sybil Ramkin, the last of the city nobility, played by Lara Rossi Dormer described her character as « scarier than the gods themselves » If you’ve read the book, you know this is correct

Adam Hugill plays the adorable new Constable Carrot, and he’s our window to the world as he arrives in town and tries to navigate city life

Our resident werewolf Angua is played by Marama Corlett, who talks about the duality of playing a werewolf and how Carrot’s mentoring brings some sort of positivity to the watch and helps her character navigate the transition between human and beast

Jo Eaton-Kent is cheerful and promises « a lot of queer magic » from the character and her story. For those who don’t know, Cheery comes from a society where everyone is born male, and sex doesn’t really exist She discovers her own identity and is ostracized from her family and people and now lives as herself in Ankh-Morpork and is the team’s forensic expert

There were clips everywhere, and the panel resulted in a full trailer The 8-episode season was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, and will hit BBC America screens on January 3, 2021

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News from the world – AU – The Watch on BBC America: Queer Magic, Trailer and more



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