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Victoria has recorded 16 coronavirus cases and 2 deaths This brings Melbourne’s 14-day average to 221

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Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews will today detail Melbourne’s transition to the second stage of its recovery roadmap

The roadmap describes how some restrictions will be eased, but the PM has considered other changes – but not « massive steps »

The roadmap says this can happen if the average daily number of cases, over the past fifteen weeks, is between 30 and 50

As part of the second stage of the roadmap, the Victoria government plans to allow more workers to find jobs in sectors such as construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade, warehousing and postal distribution

Deakin University President of Epidemiology Catherine Bennett believes the Victoria government will focus on getting people back to work in this second stage, rather than allowing more personal freedoms

« There will be some easing [of restrictions], but I think the focus will be on opening up some of our supply chains, » says Professor Bennett

University of Melbourne epidemiologist John Mathews believes the city’s low number of cases will allow more people to return to work in these industries, under certain conditions

He says this must be done « with the understanding that employees who develop symptoms are not at work and should be tested immediately »

As part of the roadmap, hotel businesses will only be left to take away until the city reaches stage three at the end of October, and even then businesses will only be open for services primarily exterior

About 40 hospitality industry leaders signed an open letter earlier this month, asking that their businesses be allowed to reopen as part of the second stage, with meals inside and out. exterior, with density limits

But Professor Mathews says the nature of the hospitality industry makes it different from sectors like construction

« You need to be a little more careful with the hospitality industry before you go back to the third stage of restrictions, » he says

Although the PM did not give details of additional measures to be announced, he said the state will take a cautious approach

« We have to be safe, stable and careful, otherwise these new settings just won’t last, » he said

As part of the second stage of the roadmap, the city’s nighttime curfew and 5-kilometer travel restrictions remain in place

She thinks they could be lifted early without dramatically increasing the risk of the virus spreading But she says the government would risk scrambling its public health message if it started drastically changing those measures as part of the second step

« If instead of step two we go to step 21, then people have to learn a whole new set of rules, » she says

« And I’m afraid if it’s only for a week or two, I’d rather know that the third stage is coming »

Professor Mathews also believes the curfew could be lifted early without creating a large increase in the risk of the coronavirus spreading

« If you want to go for a run at 10 at night, what’s the risk? » he says

« There really was no proof, no scientific proof of the value of the curfew, it was based on the assumption that if people went out at night, they would go out to socialize

Nighttime curfew is the subject of a Supreme Court challenge, brought by a business owner who has also signaled his intention to run for the Liberal Party preselection

The prime minister previously said the curfew and the 5 km travel limit were both designed to limit movement and the spread of the virus

Melbourne’s roadmap allows one household to form a bubble with another household once the city reaches stage three, scheduled for October 26

At this stage, a home will be authorized to accommodate up to five visitors from another home

Once Melbourne reaches the second stop, outdoor tours will be permitted for up to five people from two households

This means that you can get together with more of your family or friends from tomorrow – if you can meet outside within 5 km of both houses

Professor Bennett believes Melbourne could hit the threshold for number of cases to move to Stage 3 before October 26

To achieve this, Victoria owes an average of fewer than five cases per day and the state needs fewer than five cases with an unknown source over a two-week period

She says it’s more important than state government allowing some extra freedoms in the second stage

« In a way, I think it’s a much more meaningful result, to get to stage three from the start to mid-October, » she says

On Friday, the PM said he hoped to be able to provide more details today on what changes might be possible in October

He said the city’s move to the third stage of the roadmap « could happen sooner »

« The bright spot in recent weeks since we announced the roadmap is that we are ahead of schedule, » he said.

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World News – UA – What can Victorians expect from Daniel Andrews today?


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