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Survival horror video games are enhanced with a dose of fantastic power Where Resident Evil and Silent Hill games give me the weapons to fight against my enemies, the allure of games like Amnesia and Outlast has me has long escaped I prefer my balanced fears with the acquisition of a powerful shotgun or a flamethrower, with which to wipe a room full of zombies

In Amnesia, your tools of survival are to run and hide, putting a door or a bright light between you and your enemy

I quickly gave up on Amnesia: The Dark Descent in 2017, when Amnesia: Collection was available on PlayStation Plus. I gave up just a few hours – my second attempt at playing the game Before that, I made the same with the original Outlast, and a more recent PT playthrough went wrong After Lisa had a twitch attack, I was done (I « finished » PT before, for the record)

I’m not the type of player who can endure hours of stretching without feeling helpless, so I approached Amnesia: Rebirth, the Frictional Games sequel to the original The Dark Descent, as an opportunity. to boost my immunity to the scares of horror games Maybe all it takes is a working deadline to boost my resolve and power I’m happy to say I haven’t made it out of Rebirth , in part because of the well-crafted survival story of the first-person horror game, though often disorienting But the fears are not so intense this time around

Rebirth scares me in new ways, not just in the unknown of darkness and the terror of the creeping beasts that crawl behind you The game’s desert setting offers new layers of fear Tasi Trianon, survivor of a plane crash, wakes up alone and baffled after a plane crash Rebirth initially teaches Tasi to fear the light and take refuge in the dark After finding refuge from the scorching desert sun, Rebirth quickly returns to the mechanics from the terrifying darkness of The Dark Descent, which can lead to madness and death The game’s environments are varied, spanning vast desert canyons, spooky caves, an abandoned fort, and otherworldly spaces But the fear of the dark, held at bay by matches and lanterns to oil, persists, whatever the environment of Tasi

Tasi must piece together memories of her present situation and her past through mind-blowing flashbacks Rebirth feeds me story crumbs through lovingly illustrated diary entries and brief storybook memories that tell a better story. story that the litany of rote letters, journal pages and notes spread across the levels of Rebirth Tasi’s journey through the wilderness is not limited to his own survival, a story choice that Frictional reinforces on them. loading screens and on entering dedicated buttons to remind us what’s at stake: Tasi is pregnant and can take a break to check on her unborn child, an action that will soothe her when she is in a heightened state of fear

Survival doesn’t seem guaranteed and scares don’t come cheap Rebirth often angered me as Tasi’s sanity crumbled in dark hallways Every match I lit went out too quick, pushing myself back into the cold darkness I learned not to look at corpses or monsters, the in-game screen blur effects that depicted Tasi’s frantic psyche made me physically uncomfortable

Rebirth stumbles when he introduces physics-based puzzles, which pair poorly with his clunky point-and-click controls Push and shoot objects – doors, barrels, the many unnecessary trinkets I can inspect and do rotate for apparently no good reason – feels awkward to me, as if I was inhabiting Tasi’s body through a VR controller I often felt like I was struggling with the game itself, not knowing if I had ‘played badly Or if I just ran up against the design choices inherent in the game Even in a near-death situation, I feel like I could carry a plank of wood normally – or feel like picking up the candle I just took. light up to carry her with me through a dark tunnel

But Frictional finds success in other aspects of Amnesia: Rebirth, including its unique horror setting in the Algerian desert, its rare maternal protagonist in video games desperately seeking a way home to her child, and a slowly clarifying tale of love and loss Amnesia: Rebirth shows an inventiveness The Dark Descent has only hinted at And it’s certainly spooky enough to satisfy the hunger for something spooky this season

Amnesia: Rebirth will release October 20 on Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC The game has been reviewed on PS4 using a pre-release download code provided by Frictional Games Vox Media has partnerships Affiliate These do not influence editorial content, although Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased through affiliate links You can find additional information on Polygon’s ethics policy here

Amnesia: Rebirth

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