World News – CA – NFL Punishes Titans For Handling Coronavirus Outbreak


A heavy fine, but no suspension, came after two dozen players and staff tested positive for the virus

The NFL fined the Tennessee Titans $ 350,000 for handling the biggest outbreak of coronavirus infections this season, forcing the league to postpone a series of games

The league, however, has not suspended anyone associated with the Titans, including their coach and general manager, or players who have been seen on video participating in ad hoc training away from the team compound. The fine was imposed for not having communicated the training protocols and not wearing masks in the establishments

League commissioner Roger Goodell said two weeks ago that the team, which entered Sunday 5-0 and are among the league’s most exciting on the pitch, were cooperating in investigation He then signaled that no Titans would be held responsible for the outbreak « It’s not about discipline – it’s about protecting our staff, » Goodell said in October. 13

The league also came to a halt long before imposing stiff penalties such as loss of draft pick and loss of games

The penalties, which were first reported by NFLcom on Sunday, stem in part from reports that Titans players continued their informal practices away from the team compound even after the outbreak had taken hold. leads team to stop conducting in-person activities Twenty-three players and team staff are known to have tested positive for the virus since September 24

The NFL and soFL The Players’ Association investigated players who held an off-site training session on September 30, a day after the Titans and Vikings – their opponent from the weekend before – came together be told not to have activities in person

The league and the union also looked into how the virus entered the Titans compound and how it spread.The league chief medical officer refused to disclose what was learned

The league may now be forced to turn its attention to the Las Vegas Raiders, who have tested several players positive for the virus Several members of the offensive line were sent home last week because they had been in close contact with teammate, Trent Brown, who tested positive and, NFLcom reported, did not wear a device. tracking consistently to allow the league to conduct contact tracing He and his teammates also did not wear masks when in close contact with each other

Four players dropped off the league’s Covid-19 reserve roster and were allowed to play after testing negative for the virus The Raiders were scheduled to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon

Still, the fine, the largest for violation of protocols, came as the league tried to keep its season on track amid infections that had spread to at least four teams The decision to penalize the Titans came three weeks after the league announced tougher measures to reduce the risk of infections, including the use of CCTV cameras at team facilities to monitor compliance with protocols such as wearing masks

The league has also said non-compliant teams could be fined, lose draft picks and forfeit if their actions affect other teams

The outbreak on the Titans had already led to the postponement, by three weeks, of their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, originally scheduled for October 4

With the number of cases in the squad continuing to increase and the team unable to meet in person for training for nearly two weeks, the league had postponed the Titans’ game against the Buffalo Bills on changing from Sunday to Tuesday

The postponement and penalties aren’t the only schedule issues the league has been forced to resolve The league postponed the New England-Kansas City Week 4 game of the week for Monday to Monday after Patriots star quarterback Cam Newton and a Chiefs practice team quarterback were revealed to have tested positive for the virus in October 3 That Wednesday, Stephon Gilmore, another Patriots star, also tested positive, questioning the league’s decision to allow teams to play

The league has yet to make a decision to add an 18th week to the season to accommodate postponed games There is also no serious consideration to shorten the season Instead, the league will continue relying on juggling the existing schedule, including rescheduling matches from a day or two, to a Monday or Tuesday, for example

The league also fined coaches hundreds of thousands of dollars for not wearing their face masks properly during games The Raiders were also fined $ 50,000 this month for allowing an unauthorized person to enter their locker room, potentially exposing team members Ten Raiders were fined up to $ 30,000 this month for attending a crowded indoor charity event and not wearing masks during their stay, violating local health guidelines

Normally, the competition committee, which includes current coaches, debate whether teams should be penalized for their actions.But because these coaches might be made to criticize a rival team, the league has created a committee of former coaches, GMs and retired players, including former Giants coach Tom Coughlin and former Colts GM Bill Polian, to make recommendations to the commissioner

During the league’s century-old history, games have been canceled, postponed, or moved due to extreme weather conditions or other incidents, including when the roof of the Metrodome collapsed Only one game appears to have been canceled, although registrations are incomplete

In 1921 – the league’s second year – the visiting Rochester Jeffersons refused to take the field against the Washington Senators due to the poor condition of the field At that time, if there was a dispute over the matter whether the pitch was unplayable, the home team manager would decide to cancel the match The Jeffersons manager didn’t want to risk injuring his players and wanted the game called off But with the fans in their place, the Senators manager wanted to play, so the referee ruled the Jeffersons lost the game, according to a newspaper article at the time

The Lost Game does not appear in any record books, however The final standings were not released at the time and were not reconstructed until years later, and often imperfectly. Only teams with played at least six games against other league members were included in that replenished rankings, and the Washington club did not reach that threshold that year, according to Bob Carroll, who wrote about the game for the The Coffin Corner newspaper

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News from the world – CA – NFL Punishes the titans for their handling of the coronavirus epidemic



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