World News – CA – UK COVID death toll could reach 500 per day, experts warn


COVID-19 infections are rising so steadily in the UK that unless something can be done to reduce infections, the « reasonable worst case » of 80,000 deaths could be exceeded , according to scientists

Britain recorded more than 20,000 new cases of coronavirus a day on average last week, but the government has resisted a new nationwide lockdown even as France and Germany reintroduce scale restrictions of the country

According to them, the “reasonable worst-case” planning scenario for winter of 500 deaths per day and a death toll of over 80,000 may be exceeded unless the number of infections to be reduced, according to articles published by government science advisers Friday

In newspapers dated October 14, advisers said the worst-case exceedance could continue for three or four weeks if infections go down But since then they have increased again

New cases of COVID-19 in England have increased by around 51,900 every day last week, up almost 50% the week before, according to an official investigation on Friday

This suggests that the incidence of new infections continues to rise sharply and has not stabilized, unlike the previous week’s survey

‘R’ number was 11-13, down from 12-14, UK Government Office for Science said This means that on average every 10 people infected will infect between 11 and 13 more people

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Although declining reproduction « R » numbers have shown that local measures are having an effect, government scientists warn that the number of infections will not decrease if it is not brought below 1

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on Friday said a national lockdown in England was not inevitable as he reaffirmed his faith in the government’s local approach

The government said on Friday that West Yorkshire would enter the first level of restrictions from Monday

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World News – CA – UK COVID death toll could reach 500 per day, experts warn



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