World News – CA – World Pasta Day 2020: Italian dish with Indian tadka!


We Indians just love carbohydrates – roti, naan, rice You name it, we indulge in it So obviously we also love our pasta Red sauce, white sauce, pink sauce and same green sauce now! The humble Italian carbohydrate has found its way into our hearts and bellies On World Pasta Day October 25, from Italian kitchens to local water holes, here’s how we appreciate the way pasta is become a desi favorite

« It’s a people’s food It’s carbohydrates so it makes you feel full It’s like what roti or paratha is to us No wonder it’s a favorite among Indians » Says Chef Kunal Kapur of the growing popularity of pasta in Indian cuisine « Pasta tastes neutral and therefore comes in many forms! You can bake, fry, bake it in any shape It takes on any flavor and is therefore very popular with everyone, ”he adds

Kapur experimented with pasta and his Macaroni Masala is a popular version of modest food But he wasn’t always keen on Indianizing it “I used to think of it as Italian cuisine, so ‘is done a certain way But over time, I realized that food was not just one person’s domain, ”says Kapur, adding that when Indians began to appreciate pasta so much. , it was about time to understand that people might not appreciate classic Italian flavors “People can laugh because it’s like eating paneer tikka with pesto dressing, but I know I would appreciate them too. pasta with Paneer Makhani sauce ”, he laughs

Chef Nishant Choubey agrees with Kapur and thinks the food is subjective « I accidentally made butter chicken pasta once I had no rice so I added pasta, and it turned out to be amazing! It has an excellent balance of flavors and spices, ”he says, describing his date with a desi pasta dish. Choubey adds that he has seen this fusion of Indo-Italian cuisine at various breweries and restaurants. reason pasta has become desi is the need to infuse local flavors « People adapt food to any locally available product, and it’s economical So a foodie may want to make pasta with a local ingredient, and he there is nothing wrong with experimenting ”, he explains.

For chef Ritu Dalmia also, pasta is a dish for all men “It’s like rice; it works with all the spices So from an upscale restaurant to a dhaba, every place today has its point of view, ”she says Although she has experimented with the flavors when it comes to this Italian carbohydrate, she considers herself a purist « Playing with flavors is good, but the pasta when made in sauce here ceases to be an Italian dish I made its variations but I will not place it on a menu Italian It’s an Indian dish, and there is definitely a demand for it, ”she adds

Masala Pasta, Makhani Pasta, Pasta with Pink Sauce – Desi versions of Italian pasta seem to have attracted a lot of fans « Pink pasta can make a lot of people laugh, but we Indians consume it more than anywhere else in the world! Pink, red, white, who cares what we call it We can call it whatever we want, it just gotta taste good! »Says chef Choubey

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News from the world – CA – World Pasta Day 2020: Italian dish with an Indian tadka!



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