World news – Deputy CMO says quarantine doesn’t need to be in a hotel


Deputy chief medical officer Nick Coatsworth says returned travellers don’t necessarily have to be quarantined in hotels, amid a push to bring more Australians back from overseas.

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This article of ours from July provides a couple of tips you might want to consider as you make the transition to return to work. Richard Thomas from the Cairns Veterinary Clinic suggested trying to ease the blow by trying to keep a routine with morning and afternoon walks, gradually introducing time away from home and providing pets with stimulating toys.

And this ABC Life article lists the signs experts flagged to look out for if you suspect your pet might be suffering from separation anxiety. 

Japan said on Tuesday it has committed 17.2 billion yen ($165 million) in funds for its participation in the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 vaccine program.

    The program, known as COVAX, is aimed at helping buy and fairly distribute vaccination shots against the novel coronavirus around the world.

But some countries which have secured their own supplies through bilateral deals, including the United States, have said they will not join.

   The funds are part of a 1.64 trillion yen reserve intended to bolster the government’s response to the virus, a government document showed.

     Japan has also pursued independent arrangements with global pharmaceutical companies to secure vaccines, with the government pledging to have enough supply for the whole population by the first half of 2021.

The Health Ministry reported 90,123 new cases in the past 24 hours, raising India’s confirmed total to 5,020,359, about 0.35% of its nearly 1.4 billion population. 

It said 1,290 more people died in the past 24 hours, for a total of 82,066.      India’s total coronavirus caseload is closing in on the United States’ highest tally of more than 6.6 million cases and expected to surpass it within weeks. 

« If there is more than one person, if it is mum and dad, mum and dad both get the fine, so that is close to a $10,000 fine. »

Lily had plans to travel the world during her high school gap year, but when coronavirus cut the trip short she found herself back at home in Ballarat with no money and no job prospects.

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