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The outline of this semi-final sketches an evening of routine at the Richmond office Superiors on paper, they built a 17 point lead in the quarter and sealed the victory by 31 But it was not as complete as all that St Kilda tied them for long stretches and they should have made it a much tighter deal but bad kicks for goal let them down in the second and third quarters

The main difference for the Tigers tonight from last week’s loss to Brisbane was the addition of Tom Lynch in their attack line His presence wreaked havoc in St Kida’s back line and he made his way through all four quarters.His participation in next week’s prelim in Port Adelaide could still be the purview of the MRP, although after a unnecessary fall from the knee to the head of a prone Howard

In addition to Lynch, Houli excelled in the half-back as usual, while Edwards was generally dexterous in the front half Martin’s bombast in the middle was decisive at the start, and his brilliant snap of the foot left sealed the match later Shai Bolton finished as the best goalkicker of the night with 30, two of which rushed in a first quarter blitz from which St Kilda never recovered

The Saints weren’t far off the mark but clearly couldn’t afford to lose three starting players during the week, especially in defense, where Richmond took full advantage At the other end, they gave up any chance to make this a night to remember with miserable kicks for the Max King goal is a great prospect but it was a night to be forgotten Yet a great season for St Kilda ends with his head held high

The next step for the Tigers is a visit to Adelaide Oval and the all-conqueror Port Adelaide Richmond will enter the unknown position of the underdogs for this clash and on the evidence of the last fortnight, the power must imagine its chances Despite all the Tigers growls, some mistakes crept into their game and a more ruthless foe would have punished them more heavily tonight With the home advantage Ken Hinkley’s crew must be ready to do the job

Thank you for joining me tonight We will be back to redo everything tomorrow with cats and pies

Thank you Fascinating Harry Scoreline Melbourne Storm could win a prime ministerial post without facing the Roosters in the final!

Q4: 2 minutes left: Richmond 128 (80) vs. 613 (49) St Kilda – Make that 25 After landing a free kick with his speed and strength to pull himself up in front of a peloton, Lynch horribly reverses the shot from 20m on a corner

Q4: 3 mins left: Richmond 127 (79) vs 613 (49) St Kilda – Lynch will come out tonight as a lightning rod for Richmond His comeback was crucial, giving the front line more structure and power , but his comeback is only 24 with one on full tank – and that crazy knee-off-the-ball incident, which will lead the news until the MRP makes its call

Q4: 6 minutes remaining: Richmond 127 (79) vs 612 (48) St Kilda – Everything has become a bit disjointed and unstructured with the ball slamming from start to finish Richmond is not unhappy with this with a lead also imposing

Q4: 8 minutes left: Richmond 126 (78) vs 612 (48) St Kilda – The Saints are playing in the hall at all costs now, but it’s too little too late

Q4: 10 minutes left: Richmond 125 (77) vs. 612 (48) St Kilda – No more territorial dominance from Richmond, and tonight’s diagram says this will end in a goal And that makes Martin slam a left-footed goal behind a 40m ruck as a half-box kick in rugby The Tigers have scored plenty of low XG goals tonight, compared to clear shots St Kilda lost

Q4: 11 minutes left: Richmond 115 (71) vs 612 (48) St Kilda – Hill saw very little ball tonight, but he shows why he is so important for the Saints, crossing midfield and bombing miles to the advantage of Membery – who fumbles a mark he had to take

Q4: 13 minutes left: Richmond 114 (70) vs. 611 (47) St Kilda – The first entry didn’t work, neither did the second entry, but the third effort to pick a black and yellow Guernsey to 50’s interior paid off for Richmond Castagna is the beneficiary after Edwards’ great job The night story for St Kilda promising on the pitch and at the edge of the race, but Richmond still there to fight back and regain control

Q4: 14 minutes left: Richmond 104 (64) vs 611 (47) St Kilda – Richmond did well all night to hit back shortly after a St Kilda goal, and again they win a crucial central clearance and set up a camp in offensive territory

Q4: 15 minutes left: Richmond 104 (64) vs. 611 (47) St Kilda – Richmond gets repeated entries after winning the opening center clearance, but the Saints’ defense is holding on Bruce feels they need six goals this quarter to stand a chance, and Ross gets the first, coming home unopposed after Hunter Clark forced another error from Richmond’s backline

The Saints pushed hard again and lead the Tigers in shots on goal In all fairness, they probably had the best on the pitch for most of the night, but Richmond was more decisive when it counted

Speaking of Tom Lynch and his importance to Richmond, could he be in trouble for that?

Q3: 1 min left: Richmond 103 (63) vs 511 (41) St Kilda – Lynch kicks behind after competing hard for possession – not for the first time tonight He’s so mobile and strong, a nightmare to defend

Q3: 2 minutes left: Richmond 102 (62) vs. 511 (41) St Kilda – An unusually high number of errors from Richmond tonight, especially this quarter, and especially from their full six

Q3: 3 mins left: Richmond 102 (62) vs 511 (41) St Kilda – Cotchin has often been on the wrong side of the referee’s whistle tonight, and he went nuts again for holding the ball The free kick finds King in space about 35 yards just ahead, and he slaughters another set shot Horrible night in front of goal for the big boy

But the Saints somehow find a goal shortly after Richmond can’t clear their lines and the ball comes straight back, Kent ends up pushing the ball after a few pointy hands around the goal spot

Q3: 5 mins left: Richmond 102 (62) vs. 410 (34) St Kilda – They may not be giving up on St Kilda, but they are not indicating that they have the tools to punish Richmond Billings is the latest to make a mess from a set-piece, albeit a tough one, and the Tigers are charging it, going coast to coast, featuring a great job in the air and on the ground from Lynch before Prestia do not pierce the goal against the run game

Q3: 7 minutes left: Richmond 92 (56) vs 49 (33) St Kilda – Can the Saints organize a sustained assault on Richmond? No Crucial central clearance goes to the Tigers, another bomb ahead, another header from Lynch – but this time his long-range effort is largely drifting

St Kilda goes down the other end and causes panic behind Richmond’s back, but a few ricochets off the shins end up in a poster, not a goal The Saints Don’t Give Up

Q3: 8 minutes left: Richmond 91 (55) v 48 (32) St Kilda – As with the second term, the Saints had the best of the opening minutes of this quarter around the pitch, but have nothing to show for this Richmond goes all out just to keep one foot, using his reserve man behind the ball, meaning they have nowhere to go when they regain possession of the ball Finally, St Kilda works the fat side of the floor to create a mark inside 50, and this time it goes! Battle ends an excellent team goal with a finish that pokes fun at recent misfires

Q3: 10 mins left: Richmond 91 (55) v 38 (26) St Kilda – Lol And he’s there The battle arises in the middle of a peloton like Leo Barry to put on an exciting third term fight Until what he knocks down the 15m fixed shot, of course Dear me, that was the thing of nightmares Add that to King’s mishap and St Kilda has to watch each other, despite Richmond’s excellence

And now Marshall misses geable range after a 50m penalty against Lynch for unsociable behavior off the ball

Q3: 12 minutes left: Richmond 91 (55) vs. 36 (24) St Kilda – A nice frantic rolling foot between the arcs precedes a deep entry from Richmond after Riewoldt scores St Kilda handles it well and bounces back, but not with the required pace and the Tigers come back and defuse the situation

Q3: 14 minutes left: Richmond 91 (55) vs 36 (24) St Kilda – Josh Battle has been on the bench for 25 minutes and is counting, but has yet to be cleaned up, and no news has been forthcoming been forwarded to the television crew

The Saints continue to work hard but despite some mistakes from Richmond on the half-back, they still haven’t found the opening clear

Q3: 15 mins left: Richmond 91 (55) v 36 (24) St Kilda – St Kilda needs an early goal if they are to make it into a contest, and they almost win one after Cotchin has received a high tackle against Steele on center rebound Ball inside 50 is causing problems, but there is no Saint in the right place at the right time to bring the ball home

Some stats for you Bolton leads the way with three goals, Houli and Ross both have 15 assignments, and Dustin Martin is really brilliant: 13 touches, eight inside the 50s, four clearances, six score

The Raiders controlled the top 35 and comfortably led 16-0, and it could have been more The Roosters retaliated with a late try and approaching a second

Meanwhile, it has been reasonably even for big games, but Richmond has just managed to string together a few wild flurries of goals – one in each quarter – both the product of central clearance dominance and hunger around their 50m offensive Lynch also did some excellent finishes, unlike last weekend when his presence was missed The Saints are up for grabs, but they don’t seem to have the us or the firepower in their front half to throw off such a well-organized back line.

The margin that many expected before the start of the game, but which doesn’t take into account how St Kilda dominated the opening game of the second quarter and should have been just nine points halfway through , but King missed a very fixed shot and the Tigers jumped up

The ball bounced back favorably for the Tigers and Daniel Rioli couldn’t be happier to be on the phone 😊 #FootyOHWHATAFEELING | #AFLFinals picTwittercom / STrInL1koF

Q2: 1 min left: Richmond 91 (55) vs 36 (24) St Kilda – No more controversy at the end of the quarter with St Kilda putting the ball through the posts This time around it’s only ‘one point for the Saints after the goalkeeper kicks in behind despite Nick Vlaustin not appearing to touch his foot as the line approaches The reruns were inconclusive, so the decision on the pitch stands

Q2: 1 min left: Richmond 91 (55) vs 35 (23) St Kilda – It hasn’t been precise since Richmond tonight, but it has been effective, turning center clearances into goals in the blink of an eye Martin’s eye dominated in the middle, bombarding the ball forward, and time and again he fell in favor of a teammate, or Richmond looked hungrier at ground level against an unstable back line

Q2: 3 minutes left: Richmond 91 (55) v 35 (23) St Kilda – Richmond did it again, turning a goal into an avalanche Bolton is on the stats sheet again, scoring a massive clearance from Martin which falls in his favor just inside 50 The kick is very nice

Q2: 4 minutes remaining: Richmond 81 (49) against 35 (23) St Kilda – I love Houli and his rapier-shaped left foot For the umpteenth time in his career, he is in first position to take advantage of ‘a bad defensive kick Once in possession, he delivers lace for Lynch rushing to the right pocket The big tiger threads the needle for the second time tonight

Q2: 5 mins left: Richmond 71 (43) v 35 (23) St Kilda – Houli sets a super tackle in midfield, Richmond throws him forward, Riewoldt bets for the float above – and he guesses correctly – leaving Johnny there to handball Rioli in the goal position The Tigers fought back

Q2: 6 minutes left: Richmond 61 (37) vs 35 (23) St Kilda – It’s St Kilda’s turn to take advantage of a marginal decision from a referee, Balta severely penalized for holding the ball after accepting contact in possession a yard from the demarcation line You see dozens of those a week go unpunished Either way, Steele landed the tackle and threw an excellent pocket goal to keep the Saints in. contact

Q2: 7 minutes left: Richmond 61 (37) vs 25 (17) St Kilda – If there is a ‘rule of the week’ on the show tonight, it is the deliberately prohibited rule Hannebery is the latest to be sanctioned with a slight indiscretion prompting Richmond to camp in St Kilda’s defensive territory A goal seems inevitable, and Edwards delivers, slamming with great skill after St Kilda fails to clear their lines after a balloon

Q2: 8 mins left: Richmond 51 (31) vs 25 (17) St Kilda – Speaking of King, he holds the ball in attack when he thinks he scored it (there was clearly a hand of Richmond involved), so the Tigers grabbed him and burst in at warp speed They only hit the 50m arc before indecision cost them and Houli is caught holding the balloon

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