World News – GB – Andrea McLean considered suicide after SAS stint awoke hidden trauma


Andrea, 50, appeared on Loose Women to talk about how his experience on Channel 4 SAS: Who Dares Wins led him to his’ being painfully ripped off


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Andrea McLean bravely opened up about suffering a very private blackout after participating in SAS: Who Dares Wins Awakened Traumatic Experiences in Her Past

The 50-year-old appeared on Loose Women to talk about how her experience on the Channel 4 show led to the painful rip off of her ‘mask’ – but said she was now going much better and had learned to take care of her pain

Andrea’s new book This Girl Is On Fire explores her own personal recovery experience and how she was able to transform her life and grow

Speaking to her co-stars today on the ITV Daytime Program, Andrea said: « It’s scary writing a book because it’s like biting yourself with a wound »

She explained that she was asked to write the book after a member of her family moaned and started something that he had been for years

After the phone call, Andrea sat in her room and started writing the book for women with trauma and those who are « stuck and can’t do anything about it »

When asked what happened to her, she said it was after her appearance on SAS: Who Dares Wins, where she had been mentally undressed, that all of her trauma began to flood her.

“There was a point that this mask was ripped off,” she explained “What I was going through was some really traumatic things that I went through in my life I put it all in a box « 

But, after a tough struggle, Andrea explained that she was able to grow and help herself in the long run

« I know I’m Mrs Stepford’s wife and I don’t anymore » she said « If I don’t like something I will say I was very scared to speak up

Andrea McLean, Loose Women, ITV

World News – UK – Andrea McLean considered suicide after SAS stint awakened hidden trauma


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