World News – GB – Andrea McLean reveals which Loose Women co-star felt so guilty after her blackout


Andrea McLean opened exclusively to HELLO! on how her Loose Women co-stars reacted to the news that she had secretly suffered a blackout

The TV presenter admitted that her colleagues had had a « mixed » reaction, with some showing up to help Saira Khan, in particular, was « amazing, » Andrea said, revealing: « She called me and said said: ‘I feel like I wasn’t a good friend to you because I didn’t push you hard enough

« I asked how you were and you said you were ok and I never asked you again and in fact I feel like I let you down So what can I do do to catch up and how can I convey what you tell me? ‘ »

Andrea, who wrote about her ordeal and experience with suicidal thoughts in her new book, This Girl Is on Fire: How to Live, Learn, and Thrive in a Life You Love, added: « Denise Welch was wonderful, Linda Robson was wonderful

« Everyone is different and naming some and not naming others doesn’t mean anything I’m just saying the ones from the top of my head But that’s okay in a friendship group Some people are embarrassed and just don’t know what to say, and that’s okay too « 

Andrea noted: « And obviously remember it’s work, so some people still don’t know what to think about it, but the ones that matter have taken a step forward and it’s really cool They’ve taken contact, sent me a message and called me, and we talked about it « 

In our exclusive interview at her home in Surrey, Andrea, who turned 51 on Monday, also revealed that her husband Nick Feeney was unaware of the extent of his suicidal feelings At the beginning of his book, the author describes being in his hotel room and wanting to end everything

« Nick didn’t know I put it on, he didn’t even know it happened I didn’t mention it at all I think it was a shock to him, » Andrea said  » But I felt it was important to set up because that was a big part of a breakdown

« The heart of the book is that no matter what you have we all have our different thing and mine is no more important than everyone else’s I think that’s why it was important that I didn’t fit in not in the details either, because otherwise people would think, well, I haven’t been there exactly so this book isn’t for me It’s important for people to know it’s for all of us because we all have our own thing « 

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World News – UK – Andrea McLean reveals which Loose Women co-star felt so guilty after her split



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