World News – GB – Becoming a dad at 17 inspired Castlemilk’s Calvin Miller to fulfill Celtic first-team dream


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To say that Calvin Miller grew up quickly when he became a dad at 17 is an understatement

Dealing with diapers and sleepless nights as his youth team pals enjoyed nights on the town, Calvin doesn’t regret it

Speaking to the Sunday Mail Sport this week, Calvin, now 22, recalled: « Becoming a dad so early in my life was a big thing Suddenly I had to support my family I had to mature

« But it happened to me right away The day Olivia was born, I matured It was like snapping my fingers »

Rather than derail his Celtic aspirations, the birth of his daughter only made Miller more determined to study at Parkhead

And he did it Just before his 19th birthday he made his debut under Brendan Rodgers He has even been compared to England left-back Ryan Bertrand by the former Celtic gaffer

After 10 years there, Miller couldn’t even say goodbye to the coaches or players he had worked with, due to Covid-19 restrictions

And after an uncertain summer he is now playing with the new boys of English League Two Harrogate Town

Shannon, now his fiancée, and Olivia will soon be moving to their new home in Leeds – and Miller couldn’t be happier

He is focused on the future And when he reflects on the greatest moments of his life so far, he would not change a thing

Being a dad didn’t hold him back Instead, it gave him the discipline, maturity, and resilience to make a career out of the game.

The 22-year-old told MailSport: « I was a young boy from Castlemilk, I was just having fun But when I had my baby girl everything changed and I had to grow up fast

« I had to be sane, work hard and provide for myself I had to make a living for my family, even when I was 17 It’s a lot to face

« But you have to understand Luckily I had a good group of friends who wouldn’t get me in trouble

« I was full time at Celtic and the credit goes to Shannon She helped me a lot, probably taking me away from situations with my friends sometimes I always said it’s the best thing we have arrival

« It shows that I didn’t do anything stupid It paid off for us and I think it shows the maturity of both of us

« Of course, when I was 17 at Celtic, when other boys my age might have been away, I was home babysitting or changing diapers But I wasn’t there. not thinking too much I just had to go with the flow

« I don’t think most people realize what it is until you have a baby. It changes you

« And it changes your priorities because your kid has to come first But it’s the best thing of my life so far

« I wouldn’t change my upbringing at all I love being labeled a ploy boy I loved it because it made me streetwise It helps build a part of your character as you grow older

The injury Miller sustained at the start of last season in a reserve game against Hibs left him in limbo

Returning to fitness on his own was a mental challenge, as was leaving his childhood club quietly

He said: « I never had to say goodbye or shake hands with anyone in Lennoxtown because of Covid

« I had to stay away, I couldn’t do anything With my injury, I couldn’t even go to the gym, I had to do it on my own It was a difficult time

« You know at 22, with that injury and a team of about 30 players, that you don’t get another contract

« I knew it was coming to an end When I spoke to John Kennedy and Chris McCart, that’s where it really went downhill

« I posted a farewell message on Instagram and it was great to see all the comments from the boys, especially more experienced players like Scott Sinclair

« I had been there for 10 years, so it was sad not to come back and see anyone »

At this point Miller could easily have stepped away from the game But once in good shape, a try for the French side of Amiens gave him the conviction to continue

And even when he fell victim to the fierce nature of the English game as a move to Plymouth Argyle failed, he stayed focused and got a deal at Harrogate He said: « Going to France was a turning point for me I felt amazing after that

« After the injury, it was my first time playing a good game My knee felt good and I haven’t really looked back since

« Plymouth had played for Rangers in a friendly and I came in the second half I scored in 30 seconds and played really well It was the best I felt about my career

« But then I got a call saying they didn’t have the money to get me It was frustrating, a real blow

« For a few days there was nothing I had no updates and wondered how things could change so quickly He went from one extreme to the other

« I want to have as many games under my belt as possible this season. It will put me back on the right track

« This is my goal at the moment and we are a team that has nothing to lose in this league The club is well placed and so am I. »

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News from the world – UK – Becoming a dad at 17 inspired Calvin Miller from Castlemilk to fulfill the dream of the Celtic first team



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