World news – GB – Here’s Every Cooked Moment & Live COVID Test From The Absolutely Berserk 2020 Virtual Emmys


The Emmys. What is there to say that hasn’t already been said? Most years, the show is a hot collection of iconic lewks, a few awards here and there that break the internet, and a joke or two that fail to land.

This year however things have gone completely off the chain, thanks to Miss Rona shaking up the game.

With the Emmys being absolutely turned on its head due to the pandemic, everyone has used this opportunity to take this year’s awards season a little less seriously than usual.

Here are the most absolutely cooked moments from the virtual Emmys 2020, including an entire bevy of coronavirus jokes because truly, if there’s any year to make pandemic jokes, it’s this one baby.

Look, you’re sitting on your couch, waiting to host the Emmys, so why not do it shirtless?

Honestly, I admire the bravery to subdue all Emmys expectations and just go tiddies out on live television.

In a joke on COVID germs, (someone keep a tally of COVID jokes please), Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston set fire to “germs”, and then extinguished said fire in front of an audience of zero.

Apparently, if you lose the Emmy, this haunted man will just wave you goodbye and walk off with your award.

Oh to be watched from on high by one of the most diverse actresses of our times.

Imagine how much better society would be if Helena Bonham Carter haunted all men like this #Emmys

This cutout of Sandra Oh looks better than I ever will, and I’m at peace with that.

Jimmy Kimmel reveals there is no audience at the #Emmys: « This isn’t a MAGA rally, it’s the #Emmys »

« There’s hope in the young people »: Watch @Zendaya’s acceptance speech for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for #Euphoria #Emmys

This guy’s phone ringing during his acceptance speech for Best Drama Series while Kieran Culkin drunk laughs makes the pandemic all worth it. #Emmys #Succession

now the #Emmys are over, can we go back and properly appreciate Gabrielle Union rapping about the Insecure boys’ booties

I have very few thoughts about tonight’s #Emmys except this: Alex Borstein deserves the world.

So when they read the brief about a pandemic safe Emmys, why did their minds jump straight to random alpaca appearance? Mad points for the tiny little bow though omg.

Alongside Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon held a party for the year to finally be over. Unfortunately though, we are still in 2020.

“We’re having an end of year party because we can’t wait for this year to be over.” #Emmys

This is what we will see in the depths. The cold stare of Meryl Streep is SENDING me.

Rick and Morty made an appearance in the « What Have You Been Doing in Quarantine? » segment of tonight’s #Emmys!

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