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Welcome to Wrestling Inc Live Coverage of Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory at Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee Join us for live coverage, starting at 7 p.m. ET for the pre-show, the main card starts at 8 p.m. ET! PPV is available on FITE and traditional PPV

– Jon Burton, Madison Rayne and D’Lo Brown are the panelists for tonight’s pre-show The group is exalting the PPV and talks about Rich Swann trying to overcome his injury to beat the World Champion Impact Eric Young

– Bret Hart sends video congratulating Ken Shamrock on his induction Bret called him a pioneer in his transition from MMA to pro wrestling Hart called Shamrock a return to some of wrestling’s oldest legends Hart refers to the how he got a call from Shamrock after the Montreal screw job and how much he appreciated the support He continued that Ken was a pro inside and outside the ring, noting that no one else deserved more to be in the Hall of Fame

– Panel talks about Impact Knockouts champion Deonna Purrazzo vs Kylie Rae Rayne says she hasn’t been so excited for a game like this in a long time Brown agrees, and both think that Deonna leaves as champion

– Hype video for Rae and Purrazzo airs Rae feels like Purrazzo is underestimating her She doesn’t know why it’s so personal, but it’s just coming for this title Purrazzo thinks Rae lacks focus, intensity and cannot separate their emotions from their decisions

– Behind the scenes, Purrazzo (with Kimber Lee) is asked if she’s ready for tonight’s game She laughs at the question and of course says she is and has the intention to withdraw his arm from his shoulder

Hardcore legend and former TNA heavyweight world champion @RealMickFoley wishes @ShamrockKen all the best for his Hall of Fame induction # BFG2020 picTwittercom / UWG1yNvGx0

– WWE Hall of Fame member Mick Foley uploads video for Ken Shamrock Foley says he’s always been flattered to work for him I thought it was amazing how Shamrock was working hard, when he could have entered WWE and not have done it

Jake drops Wentz quickly, tag Cody, but Wentz fights them Dez scored and both use their agility at first, but Jake throws Wentz into Dez Both are on the ground, Jake looks for a suicide dive and eats a shot Cody foot thrown to the ground, Wentz with a splash on the ground Jake to the top rope, Dez stops him and tries a superplex, but not having much luck until Wentz gets involved Cody joins and double powerbombs the two opponents

Jake hits a flying head butt, covers himself and Dez the breeze Cody takes a flurry of strikes from The Rascalz Jake then eats a superkick then a rope knee Jake dodges a double shifted team TQG (modified assisted side slam) on Dez, cover, and it will

– Hype video for tonight’s Tag title match: Motor City Machine Guns defending against The Good Brother, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton and The North

– The Good Brothers say they’re all about business tonight Karl Anderson says there’s a bunch of tag titles they’ve missed, but they’re winning them tonight Gallows says they know already that they are the best team in the world, but they left this trophy in the sand in a distant land

– Matt Striker presents The Rock who will induct Ken Shamrock Rock, via video, talked about Ken Shamerock Rock said when he looks back on the great moments of his career, especially at the beginning, it’s Ken Shamrock Rock says he was cutting his teeth like a heel and in order for him to be the best villain he could be he needed the best good (and badass) guy who could boost his street credit – that was Shamrock Rock noted that Shamrock could have refused to work with a newer wrestler, but he didn’t (when others did) Rock said he had had some great matches with Shamrock throughout the world Talks about Ken moving from MMA to pro wrestling Talks about Ken being a big part of the Attitude era Calling him his brother, an awesome dude when he really needed him, and to enjoy his Hall of Fame induction of the Impact

Back to Striker, who introduces Ken Shamrock and welcomes him to the Hall of Fame Shamrock says it hits his heart to see the videos sent to him tonight Shamrock says it was a long journey and that there were a lot of people who helped him along the way Shamrock talked about starting to fight, he thanks Vince McMahon for getting a chance in WWE which helped shape the wrestler he it is today He said that Bret Hart had helped him with his character and told him to be himself and « the most dangerous man in the world » Shamrock spoke about The Rock and how they honed their skills together He thanked Rock for his induction speech He also thanked his family and his wife’s patience with how much he was absent Shamrock says without the fans the athletes could not do what they do, so thank you to them

– The panelists make their choice for the other matches of the PPV tonight at the end of the pre-show

Rohit Raju (c) vs. Chris Bey vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Trey vs. TJP vs. Willie Mack (Impact X-Division Championship)

Raju tries to leave from the start, but doesn’t get far Everyone will work with some in the ring and others on the ground Trey with a dropkick missile on TJP, he comes out on the ground Trey focuses on Bey , drops a dropkick in the back, a kick to the face Raju enters, takes a few kicks and runs to the ground Mack gets in the ring, drags his arm, steals the shoulder and comes out Trey Grace runs up and throws some tackles. ‘shoulder, she finally throws a big one that puts Mack, under cover, two

Mack with a big punch on Grace TJP in there, works Mack’s legs The triple submission happens with all the challengers, with Raju just looking up He ends up kicking and kicking fist everyone Raju is really in control of the ring right now, clothesline on Grace, stomps her and throws her on the mat Raju knocks Trey back to the floor and focuses on Grace Suplex, blanket, a count Grace gets knocked out of the ring by Mack, his forearm pop-up on Raju, and he takes out Mack to the ground with some big punches, huge round kick on Bey

Raju tries to find help in the ring, but ends up being hit one by one by each challenger Mack with a moonsault standing, covered, and it’s broken Mack turns around on a few people Trey is looking to steal, TJP stops him and puts him on his shoulders on the Bey apron dropkicks Trey and he rocks a group of people Back in the ring, Bey kicks Trey Bey then jumps over other Raju wrestlers with one knee flying on TJP, blanket, two TJP against with her own pin, Grace smashes it She charges in the corner and hits Trey in the face She walks to the top rope, Bey drops her and she is in the shaft position of the woe Grace ends up doing an assisted suplex / powerbomb move which sends three wrestlers to the Raju mat with a double stomp on Grace, blanket, broken

Mack hits a stunner on Raju Bey with a second rope cutter on Mack Trey with a double stomp on the back TJP locks in an octopus stretch Grace gets tripped in a modified knee bar Trey tries to break him and ends up getting locked in it Grace gets up and hits a senton Grace Driver on TJP, Raju breaks it, but gets fired Grace climbs up and gets thrown on Mack TJP hits a top rope on Trey, Raju with a big kick in the TJP’s face and pins Trey to hold him back

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