World News – GB – Last chance to see a downpour from Draconid Meteor this week


The draconid meteor shower will peak on October 7, offering skygazers the chance to see an unusually active display of the annual event

Astronomers predict that up to five meteors will be visible per hour, with early evening the best time to see them

Meteors – commonly known as shooting stars – appear every year when Earth passes through the tail of comet 21P / Giacobini-Zinner

The Draconids are named after the constellation of Draco the Dragon from which they seem to radiate

The strength of the meteor shower depends on the distance between Earth’s orbit and the comet’s orbit in early October

In 1933 and 1946, observers in Europe witnessed thousands of meteors every hour, while 2011 reported more than 600 per hour

2020 won’t see such a spectacular display, but American Meteor Society (AMS) astronomers have said it may be more active than usual

« All potential observers with clear skies are encouraged to view the sky for potential draconid activity around October 7, » wrote Robert Lunsford, AMS member

« These meteors are often faint, so it would be useful to observe from rural areas where stray lights are less of a problem The more stars you see, the more meteors you will see »

Captured in the back garden of Guernsey grandmother Jean Dean, this photo was named NASA Photo of the Day

The best time to see them will be shortly after dark on Wednesday, although some meteors should still be visible on October 8

UK weather is expected to be partly cloudy across much of the country on Wednesday evening, although skies over the East Midlands and the North East are expected to be clear

This month will also see the arrival of the Orionid meteor shower, which will occur between October 2 and November 7, peaking on October 21

October also brings two full moons, with the Harvest Moon followed by a rare Blue Moon on Halloween

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News from the world – EN – Last chance to see a draconid meteor shower this week



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