World News – GB – Martin Lewis names 4 places to check now for payments in the thousands


There might be some serious money waiting for you to claim if you know where to look, and the good news is that silver expert Martin Lewis has just named four of the best places to check out


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Martin Lewis explained the four places you can now look for instant payouts of up to thousands of pounds

« It’s all about the money that you might be missing – I have four, » he told viewers of ITV’s Martin Lewis Money Show.

The finance guru was celebrating the successes of viewers who had used his advice to get back the money they were owed

So to motivate more people to claim their rightfully-earned money, he pointed out the big areas to look for money – as well as how many real viewers have made this way

Anyone with a PPI claim could also have a claim for more money – this time with the tax authorities

Indeed, the PPI payments included an additional amount to compensate for what you could have earned in interest if that money had been in your savings account rather than with the insurer.

The problem is that, for the year, we received a tax break of £ 1,000 on the money we earn as interest on our savings – and this was ignored when the money was deducted from the payments

« You can only recover since April 2016, » Martin said – but it could still be worth a lot

If you – or someone you live with – have a disability, health problem, or are a caregiver, you could be paying too much on council tax without even knowing it

There is a 25% reduction if you live with a severely mentally impaired person and no other adults, or only adults who are also ignored for the purposes of the council tax or a 100% reduction – if you have a severe mental disability and live alone

There is a tax break for married or in a civil partnership that could be worth over £ 1,000 if you haven’t claimed it before

Marriage allowance allows people with an income of £ 12,500 or less to transfer up to £ 1,250 of their personal allowance to their husband, wife or civil partner – if their income is higher

A bystander received a check for £ 900, but Martin said some people could go further – with £ 1180 the current maximum you can get it

The way people pay off student loans is a strange partnership between the IRS and the student loan company

As a result, huge numbers of people started seeing money taken out of their paychecks before it should have been – and that’s before we had any fun if you have the chance to delete one

The good news is if you started paying too early or if you keep paying for too long you can get the money back

« You can do this by calling the Student Loans Corporation – it’s easier if you have your payroll number, but no problem if you don’t »

You need to tell them that you think you started paying off your student loan before April after you left college and want the money back

Martin Lewis, Pension, State Pension

World News – GB – Martin Lewis names 4 places to check now for payments worth thousands



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