World News – GB – Mothers bear the brunt of the battle to care for their children and keep their jobs


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The scale of the crisis facing working mothers in the wake of the pandemic can be revealed today

Mothers in London are under ‘great pressure’ as they shoulder most of the childcare and fight to keep their jobs

The pressure is expected to increase as the leave program ends and more children are sent home from school during any new lockdown and cold and flu season, have warned the experts

They said that while all parents were affected, businesswomen « have been disproportionately affected » by the ripple effects of the pandemic

Sarah Ronan, spokesperson for the Pregnant Then Screwed campaign group that conducted the survey, said: “What we saw during the lockdown and closure of daycares is a return to the default Our system of parental leave defines women as primary caregivers, so we come back to type

« We have seen women take on the burden and take the lion’s share of the responsibility for home schooling and home care We have also seen the impact of the pay gap between men and women. women In a household where there are two employees, it is the woman who is on leave because she often earns less « 

Even famous mothers have been hit by the problem, with Keira Knightley pulling out of upcoming The Essex Serpent series due to childcare issues, reports show Childcare providers lost around £ 228million during the pandemic and thousands of nurseries are at risk of closing

A group of businesses, parents and childcare providers, including UK Chambers of Commerce and the National Children’s Bureau, have called for a bailout to stem the risk of a childcare crisis of Covid children

An Entrepreneurs Network report found that during the lockdown, British women cared for two-thirds more children than men, often reducing their working hours and hurting their careers

Ms Ronan said: ‘One of the biggest catalysts for maternal employment has been childcare, so any reduction in supply will cause those numbers to decline. We’re talking about reversing a generation of progress Childcare is infrastructure

« Transport for London rightly received a bailout to keep going, because how could people go to work in London without transport? So how can people go to work without child care? the same We need to start seeing it not as a national problem but as an infrastructure problem that needs to be addressed nationally »

Although schools and nurseries are open, children are regularly sent home to self-isolate if they have a temperature, making work more difficult for parents

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News from the world – GB – Mothers bear the brunt of the battle to care for their children and keep their jobs



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