World News – GB – Nadia Sawalha left speechless after violent clash with Saira Khan: « You have to take control »


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Loose Women is known for her fiery scenes often occurring between her stars and today was no different However, things got particularly intense this lunch when Saira Khan and Nadia Sawalha appeared to disagree on the first one. subject of ITV, The Social Dilemma The Netflix movie gained worldwide attention after exploring the dangerous impact of social media But with Nadia and the rest of today’s panel taking the film very seriously, Saira wasn’t so quick to accept its content, even if he has not watched it

Today’s panel saw host Andrea McLean accompanied by Saira, Nadia and Linda Robson for the final installment of the noon show this week

But Nadia and Saira quickly clashed with the new Netflix documentary film, which explores the stories of those who worked in Silicon Valley

Saira, who admitted that she hadn’t watched the film, disagreed with themes that suggested humans were out of control in their use of technology

She said: « Every platform mentioned in this program: Google, Facebook, Twitter, these are all free platforms

« It is a personal choice for you to enter and participate and when you participate each platform gives you safety notifications and you can turn them on and off

“This gives you privacy settings, so if you don’t engage with the whole app and just think about it, you need to take personal control,” the Loose Women panelist said.

But Nadia quickly showed her opposite position, fighting back: « But Saira, you have to watch the movie because you haven’t watched the movie

« Yeah, I agree with what you said, but when you watch the movie and you watch the level of control, it’s way beyond – how many people are actually in control? »

However, Saira continued to disagree, retorting, « But Nadia, I don’t need to watch the movie, because my husband « She was quickly interrupted, Nadia making the remark: »

Saira added, « No I don’t, because what you are saying is that we as humans are out of control – we are not! »

« We are, look at it, » Nadia replied, with Saira insisting, « We are not, for what you are in control are your own feelings and your own understanding. »

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She then gave an example of how she had taken control of her ‘unhealthy’ relationship with social media

Saira admitted: « Twitter made my life hell it made my life unhealthy and it affected my personal relationships, I got out of it

« You have to take responsibility and understand how it affects you, » she noted

Fans on Twitter asked the panelist to watch the documentary after her comments this noon

One of them shared, « How can Saira comment on the documentary The Social Dilemma if she hasn’t even seen it? »

« Saira needs to watch the documentary, » echoed another, with a third adding, « I think Saira was very rude then !! Maybe she should have watched it before commenting so badly !!! Nadia was absolutely right !!! « 

But some agreed with Saira, with one saying: « Well said @sairakh – parents need to be social media to look after their children’s online lives C ‘ is « bad parenting » as you told your colleague to abdicate responsibility #LooseWomen « 

A third said: #LooseWomen for the first time I agree with Sairamais she would drive me crazy if she was my mom « 

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Nadia Sawalha, Saira Khan, Loose Women

World News – UK – Nadia Sawalha was left speechless after Saira Khan’s fierce clash: « You must take control »


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