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France joined Ireland and Wales on Wednesday as the third European country to return to lockdown

As governments struggle to cope with a second wave of coronavirus, we take a look at the new measures taken

Ireland became the first to lock up its citizens for the second time on Thursday. Its nearly five million people were told to stay in their homes for six weeks

Wales, its neighbor across the Irish Sea, followed suit on Friday, with a two-week breaker lockout

France returns to a month of closure on Friday, but schools will remain open in the three countries this time

Around 150,000 people in three districts infected with the virus in northern Portugal have also been locked up

Germany also imposed drastic new restrictions on Wednesday, closing its bars, cafes, restaurants, theaters, cinemas and sports facilities for a month from Monday

As they stopped before a lockdown, the Germans were urged to stay at home to save Christmas

Beyond Europe, Israel, Lebanon, New Zealand and much of the Philippines also had to enter a second lockdown Australia’s second city, Melbourne, finally left its second lockdown on Wednesday

Although full second lockdowns are still rare, curfews block large parts of Europe at night

Before tightening its restrictions on Wednesday, France imposed curfews on its largest cities on October 17 before expanding them to cover two-thirds of the country’s population a week later

Spain, Belgium, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have since declared national curfews, while Italy and Greece have declared regional and metropolitan curfews

Many countries and cities have also enforced the wearing of masks in public, with bars forced to close and sporting and cultural gatherings also restricted

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News from around the world – GB – New wave of lockdowns, curfews and closures – Manila Bulletin
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New wave of lockdowns, curfews and closures
The curfew will be imposed in France



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