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PS4 Party Chat is the primary way for gamers to stay in touch While some games have their own lobbies with voice chat enabled, most users use PlayStation 4 Party Chat to chat with everyone. friends, whatever the game Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work Fortunately, there is a PS4 Party Chat fix that doesn’t work

After the recent 800 Revised Party Chat and Messages update, gamers have complained that PS4 Party Chat is no longer working, meaning they can’t talk to their friends

If the above fixes don’t work, the problem is closest to the PlayStation side. Those having issues with their PS4 can use the PlayStation Network service status to monitor which services are working properly and which are have problems Party Chat issues on PS4 fall under « Games & Social Media »

Following a major operating system update, it is normal to wait up to 24 hours for all services to function normally. Friends list and group chat may have problems up to that the services stabilize

Those still having issues can try contacting PlayStation Support for more information As this is a common issue, customer support may take some time.

In Next Generation News, details of PS5 backwards compatibility have been revealed While most PS4 games are supported, there are 10 titles that will not be playable on PS5

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