World News – GB – Rayner accused of « racist » insult in heated Commons Covid-19 business debate


Deputy Labor leader Angela Rayner was engulfed in a bitter argument with the Commons as she was accused of calling a Tory MP’ scum ‘during a Covid -19 debate

Tory MP Chris Clarkson said the insult was thrown at him after implying that members of the Shadow Bench believed the pandemic was a ‘good crisis’ to exploit

Tensions in the Commons were high after talks between the government and Greater Manchester rulers broke down over a financial package for the region after it entered the Level 3 restrictions

Ministers have been criticized by opposition benches and some of their own MPs, but other conservatives have defended the approach taken

This is totally unacceptable of @AngelaRayner At 29 seconds you can clearly hear him calling @ChrisClarksonMP « scum »

As elected representatives, we have a duty to lead by example. Will she apologize and otherwise will Keir Starmer act? imageTwittercom / 7Hj4ojZNlV

M Clarkson (Heywood and Middleton), speaking in a Labor-led debate on economic support for areas with greater restrictions, said: ‘I implore MPs opposite to park opportunism. p>

« I know (Shadow Education Secretary Kate Green) thinks this is a good crisis that the Labor Party should exploit, and I know she speaks for many of her front row colleagues when she says that – just see her in the supportive, half-turn, opposition approach that characterized their recoil behavior « 

At this point he was heckled by Ms Rayner, who appeared to be heard saying « scum »

« From the front bench, we don’t have remarks like that Not under any circumstances, as sincere as that may be Not at all »

Raising a point of order in response to the charge, Ms Rayner said: ‘I think one of the things I would ask your advice on is that (Mr. Clarkson) says things on the front bench that are inaccurate in their speech and I would ask them to remove it « 

Dame Eleanor replied: « It is not for the President to decide what is right or wrong, I cannot make such a judgment

« But of course I will ask (M Clarkson) to be reasonable in what he says and to pay attention to his remarks

« And I’m sure if (M Clarkson) believes he said something that is offensive to (Ms Rayner), he will no doubt step back and apologize immediately « 

Resuming his speech, M Clarkson said: “Thank you, Madam Vice President, and thank you for your advice To clarify, I asked (Mrs Rayner) if she called me that (scum) – that’s what I heard « 

Conservative MP Sara Britcliffe (Hyndburn) said of Ms Rayner: “The attitude I just saw in this place is what made many of my residents against the Labor Party This is unacceptable « 

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News from around the world – UK – Rayner accused of « racist » insult during fiery Commons Covid-19 business debate



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