World News – GB – Roma Bewitch Benevento scores thrilling 5-2 victory


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Today’s game kicked off with Paulo Fonseca in an all-black Mafioso suit-tie combo, and ESPN mention of a ‘death in the family’ with the recent family mourning of Francesco Totti on the opposite bench of the subs was the familiar face of Filippo Inzaghi, who still stands as a coach but can be proud of what he has put together so far at Benevento Anyone who expects an easy game n haven’t seen Benevento’s football to date, not to mention the away team started this game higher in the standings than Fonseca’s Roma

There were no surprises in the starting lineup other than Bryan Cristante who started as Roma Libero center-back in a sike-I-will-be-listed-as-a -back-center-but- not-really-playing-there that Roma hoped would stun Benevento into oblivion Meanwhile, Marash Kumbulla has been put on the bench

The game started as planned, with Roma trying to make a few forays into Benevento’s half but allowing for an even exchange of possession Unfortunately, Benevento’s share of the ball would only take five minutes before ex-Roma striker Gianluca Caprari scores one of the most striking goals you’ll see this season.

Follow @ SBLMedia for more goals This account will be banned Rome 0-1 Benevento – Gianluca Caprari 5 ‘photoTwittercom / 7d4fJAQgdL

Roma immediately looked to strike back on the score, with Spinazzola threading Henrikh Mkhitaryan deep down the left line, before Miki cut the ball in the back Pedro stepped over it and Roma managed to obediently pat the ball away from the far post.But at least Roma threatened, and Benevento was obviously shaken as Gianluca Slapadula fell with a late reaction to Gianluca Mancini slapping him at the way of De Rossi The referee ruled that Lapadula getting slapped once per game against Roma was now Serie A tradition, and VAR reruns came to nothing as the game was cleared to play But the main problem for the Roma started to manifest itself after ten minutes

Roma were just too slow to move players forward Dzeko, Pedro and Mkhitaryan were sometimes joined on the pitch by Spinazzola and Pellegrini, but the support from Veretout and Santon was not there and Benevento was happy to defend with two or three more men behind the ball each time Roma’s four zero turns told the story, as the witches were happy to remove any danger from the home side with touchdown Meanwhile, Lapadula found time to dive again under a Mancini challenge at the other end, but it was a wasted effort as Lapadula was ruled offside

Roma threatened Benevento a few minutes later, with Dzeko coming in deep down the left wing before passing the ball to Pedro on the right side of Benevento’s penalty area, but the final curling effort of the Spaniard was far from the goal There was also another move from Dzeko who fell deeply, before sending a long ball over to meet Pedro’s overlap. The Spaniard would enter the box for Mkhitaryan to point him against a player from Benevento, and handball calls ensued but denied by the VAR referee But the growing threat from Roma was a warning of what was to come within half an hour

Spinazzola, Pellegrini y zurdazo de Pedro para el 1-1 Daje, Roma Se puede y se debe imageTwittercom / tT3QCJ72KM

With Gianluca Mancini stealing Benevento off the ball down the halfway line, it allowed Roma to launch one of the few first-half attacks where Benevento had only one man advantage this time Pedro and Dzeko combined to pass it wide to the left to Mkhitaryan, who was joined by Spinazzola on the overlapping run, and the wide Italian full-back brought him back to Pellegrini for a blocked shot on goal On the second-chance rebound, Pellegrini slips a shooting pass to Pedro in the middle of the box, and the Spaniard was quick to put his left foot in the ball for Pedro’s second goal in the last two games. Roma equalize 1-1, the game continues!

And that was the start for Roma to play merciless football for the next game

Y lo dimos vuelta! Gran saque de Mirante, mejor visión de Mkhitaryan y perfecta definición de Dzeko El Primer Gol del Capitán en El Torneo Y el 2-1 de Roma a Benevento Nada de brujerías imageTwittercom / Sw8laG1axP

It was only a few minutes before Mirante grabbed the ball in his own area, but the Italian goalkeeper didn’t flinch for a moment before releasing a long ball to Henrikh Mkhitaryan, this time on the right flank, and parted by Edin Dzeko for a 2v2 situation on Benevento’s goal Pedro eventually joined the attack for a run off the ball, but a flawless Mkhitaryan through the ball in Dzeko encountered a equally sublime finish of the number nine striker of Roma Full marks from Mirante, Mkhitaryan and Dzeko on this goal All three showed quick thinking and perfect execution, putting Roma 2-1 on the scoring line

It could have been 3-1 before half-time, with Cristante putting Mkhitaryan on goal to finish 3-1, but Spinazzola was ruled offside in the build-up

The second half returned to a hesitant pace, before Benevento attempted a distance effort which saw Caprari push Mirante up to the right end of his goal But the threat was not quelled to anything Unfortunately, Jordan Veretout decided he wasn’t getting enough of Benevento’s scoring chances for the day as the Frenchman slammed a Benevento player into the box from Roma a few minutes later Penalty given and Benevento on track to level the game

Mirante made the 17th penalty save of his Serie A career, but unfortunately parried his save on Lapdula’s trajectory for the second chance to score Benevento equalizes and we come back to 2-2

It took a few moments for the Roma to pull themselves together, but they eventually bombarded attackers on the left flank, only luck was in vain when Dzeko backed up and shot the ball to the right against an offside Lorenzo Pellegrini in the surface It looked like it was the start of Benevento going down deeper and playing for the draw

But not if, a few minutes later, the Roma defense was everywhere and badly cut by Benevento playing Lapadula on goal A last minute save by Mirante and a blocking of Ibañez’s goal line on the rebound save Giallorossi’s bacon on this game This game was wide open again Maybe it was time for the replacements, Paulo Fonseca?

Then came the controversy, as Pedro and Santon combined beautifully in the right half-space to win a corner that arguably came out of Santon last. Lorenzo Pellegrini curled up in an exquisite corner which found Dzeko with a free head at close range, but the Bosnian led him away from the frame It would have been a topic of discussion if Roma had taken the lead again but Roma would not have waited long before reaching Benevento’s goal moments later

Dzeko played a deep ball to free Pedro in a one-on-one with goalkeeper Montipò, who is known not to be good at getting out of goal, and Pedro made sure to just push the ball forward before d ‘colliding with Montipò’s outstretched arm Montipò touched the ball before knocking Pedro down, so a penalty against Roma was a stern bad decision on the part of the witches’ keeper Jordan Veretout was eager to make up for his previous mistake on the other end, and stepped up to take this one

Gol! Veretout cambió por 3-2 el penal que le hicieron a Pedro (que tremendo jugador) y Roma vuelve a estar arriba Daje! imageTwittercom / uldUaz0J6L

A single penalty this time, as Roma’s Veretout sent Montipò the wrong way to finish low and left in the bottom corner Roma took the lead again in this rocking match despite the goal, c ‘was an unusually subdued performance by Jordan Veretout as a whole, who was replaced by Maestro Gonzalo Villar Substitute Bruno Peres has also replaced Davide Santon

The double substitution almost immediately backfired against Roma, as Roma were denied at close range by a save from Dzeko’s Montipò on a Roma corner, before Benevento immediately counted and blew Bruno up Peres on the flank But the resulting Benevento shot from the middle was dragged right past Mirante’s post Possibly shaken by Benevento refusing to lie down and die in this game, Roma hit back at the other end

El cuarto fue de Dzeko (doppietta) pero el pase de @ Gonzalo14villar hizo el 90% del gol Tempo y classe Roma 4 – Benevento 2 imageTwittercom / 6mk5Qpu3dM

Villar’s close control is ridiculously good for beating Benevento’s improvised midfielder, and the Spanish playmaker waits until the edge of an offside trap from Benevento to play Mkhitaryan and give Roma a laughable advantage with three Roma forwards stranded on Montipò Mkhitaryan is spoiled for choice but ultimately passes it on to Edin Dzeko for a finish that would have resurrected the Maicon reaction GIFs if Edin had missed this one 4-2, baby! Roma with leeway in this game, finally

A few minutes later, Mkhitaryan had a 5-2 chance on the night, after Dzeko and Pedro combined to free the Armenian with a chance on the left side of Montipò’s box But Mkhitaryan was leaned back and hit his first effort well over the bar Roma’s superiority was enough for Fonseca to see fit to replace Edin Dzeko with all that passes for a standing ovation in a behind-closed stadium at the moment

To be fair, Dzeko made my minced meat analysis that he should start playing again as an undisputed striker The Bosnian was superb in dropping deep like a false nine, and putting the other forwards of Roma through the goal time and time again Newbie Borja Mayoral stepped onto the pitch, and it was no small task for this Dzeko performance on the night.

Fonseca then completed his series of substitutions by bringing in Kumbulla for Ibañez, while Lorenzo Pellegrini came out for Carles Perez And it was the latter who would create the best goal of the night with a virtuoso solo effort

Nice trick from Cristante in deep midfield, wagging his feet before giving the ball to Perez on the halfway line But from there, that’s it Perez as he dribbles past three Benevento players, cut inside to the middle of the surface and lets tear with an effort of the left foot in front of Montipò for 5-2 Exciting stuff

Carles Pérez (22) against Benevento • 15 minutes played • 15 touches • successful dribbles 3/3 • 5 ground duels won • 1 tackle • 1 goal Statement # RomaBenevento #SerieA picTwittercom / apm7PrVv3K

To be fair, Roma were back to play Fonseca’s 4-2-3-1 here So let’s drop any pretense that « three in the back » brings out the best in everyone You’ve pretty much saw the same performances from Spinazzola and fine tonight with a fullback four and a deep midfielder two that you did in a 3-4-2-1

Lorenzo Pellegrini in particular did a good job of connecting Roma’s deep midfielder to the attacking midfielder department, with Dzeko still down but doing a better job of making room for Pedro and Mkhitaryan to make their impression of Mancini and Taddei overlapping beyond Dzeko from depth, and you could see the general goal that Roma wanted strength in numbers in all areas of the pitch

This brings us to another point: Dzeko has proven that his full striker role, going deep down, can work in the same eleven that Pedro and Mkhitaryan pass him, so I’m going to swallow this pre-game analysis with my pride But how long can this last with Miki and Pedro’s aging legs? We may never have to find out, as Roma have shown the same promising strength at depth from the bench, thanks to the incisive performances of Wonders Villar and Perez in particular.

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World news – GB – Roma Bewitch Benevento In Thrilling 5-2 Victory


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