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Because you know what it brings to the economy, you know how many people it employs, you know what impact it has on tourism or on agriculture You know what it does for the reputation of Scotland

I hope you know that Nicola Sturgeon’s decision to shut down hospitality in the central belt while imposing restrictions elsewhere is not simply « brief and specific action to stop a worrying increase in infection « It sounds like a short, crisp action on behalf of the hotel industry, and companies across the country that were already in trouble have been sentenced to death

Hope you know what effect this will have on livelihoods as more people fall into unemployment Hope you know that many pubs and restaurants were already operating without cash reserves and with crushing debts and that many will not be able to afford the 30% cost of dismissing their staff

Hope you know that there is no support available for anyone who does not qualify for leave (and only those who were already on leave before June 30, 2020 do. ), and that the announced £ 40million support package is around £ 2,000 per host location in Scotland not enough to cover basic fixed costs

I could probably tell you about the blood, sweat, tears and love that is found in restaurants in Scotland, which are essentially small independent businesses, and in the products they turn into things that you eat and drink

I could tell you about my friend Tom Kitchin and his wife Michaela, who built a business which is one of the best known in the whole of the UK, which has consistently championed Scotland to the world Amazing people who built it all with their own hard work, taking risks and debt while trying to raise a family of four boys

I could tell you about Roy Brett at Ondine, whose life’s work has made him one of the most respected chefs / restaurateurs and one of the most knowledgeable seafood people in the country. Or Roberta Hall and her husband Shaun McCarron, whose restaurant The Little Chartroom has suffered so much due to Covid I could tell you about the fishermen, farmers, brewers and we could guess how they will cope How dreams of a lifetime turn into waking nightmares

I could tell you how hard it is for people with limited resources who are constantly trying to figure out the rules this week How absurd it is to own a burger that serves some type of beer and therefore has to shut down, but to having to walk past the McDonalds open across the street every day

I could tell you the way to help is, in the words of Tom Kitchin, to « support the little guy » when you think about the food and drink you consume in the weeks and months to come. You can help by engaging in the ethical dilemma and tradeoffs that are being debated in Scotland

It’s no exaggeration to say that recent restrictions and their effects on national confidence have eroded the slimmest profit margins The majority of hospitality businesses in Scotland are operating without cash reserves and in crushing debt Everywhere in the country, businesses are failing and hotel people lose their jobs It gets worse with each passing week

Scottish hospitality is built on the passion of amazing people It brings communities from Govan to Orkney together and provides spaces for family, friends, colleagues and strangers to enjoy each other’s company It inspires hope and morale of people while protecting them and employs a large number of workers in all corners of the country

Hospitality is part of what makes Scotland such a great place to visit, to work, but above all to live It’s part of the fabric of our lives We cannot let it fail

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News from the world – GB – Scottish hospitality cannot be allowed to fail – Will Becket



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