World News – GB – Singapore Embassy celebrates Republic Day anniversary with Chloe Chua’s performance of Turkey’s national anthem


The Embassy of Singapore in Ankara, the Turkish capital, posted a special video of the performance of the Turkish national anthem by 13-year-old Singaporean violinist Chloe Chua on her social media accounts for celebrate the 97th Turkish Republic Day on October 29

Saying that she was honored to be invited to record a special violin interpretation of the Turkish national anthem, the Singaporean violinist said: “When I first played the anthem, I immediately found it. patriotic, reflecting the strong and dynamic spirit of the nation I hope I have correctly conveyed this spirit through my violin ???? Expressing gratitude to the Embassy of Singapore in Ankara for this unique opportunity to share Turkey’s celebration and help foster bilateral relations through music, the prodigy hinted that she was looking forward to visiting Turkey. in a close future

Singaporean envoy to Ankara Jonathan Tow also said it was a privilege for him to invite Chua, one of Singapore’s most talented young musicians, to play Turkey’s national anthem as the country celebrates the Republic day Listening to his playing, I found his interpretation for violin the most heartwarming, moving and inspiring I had initially wanted to invite him to give a concert in Turkey this year, but it was not possible because of COVID-19 However, I hope this virtual performance can help represent Singapore’s sincere affection and respect for Turkey on Republic Day May the friendship between our two peoples continue to grow stronger and closer…

Violinist Chua is one of Singapore’s most talented musical prodigies, having been placed first in 2018 The Yehudi Menuhin International Competition for Young Violinists, the world’s largest competition for young musicians Despite her young age, she has an impressive list of awards, including First Prize at the 24th Andrea Postacchini International Violin Competition, Third Prize at the 2017 Zhuhai International Mozart Competition for Young Musicians, the Junior Category Grand Prize at the Thailand International String Competition and First Prize junior and third prize in different years at Singapore National Piano and Violin Competition

She has also performed live in various concert halls in UK, Thailand, Italy, Germany, China, Saudi Arabia, United States and Singapore and in festivals such as the Atlanta Festival Academy and the Singapore Violin Festival À Singapore, she has performed for Singaporean President Madame Halimah Yacob on several occasions.More recently, she has performed with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, the China Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra, the chamber soloists of Salzburg, the Russian National Youth Orchestra under the direction by Maestro Yuri Bashme, the Basel Chamber Orchestra conducted by Umberto Benedetti Michelangeli and the China Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Maestro Xia Xiaotang She has been enrolled at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts School of Young Talents (NAFA) since the age of 4 and is currently under the tutelage of Yin Ke, responsible for their Strings program

The Republic of Turkey Day celebrates October 29, 1923, when the Turkish Parliament amended the constitution to change the system of government to a republic Concluding the four-year war of independence against several countries, including including WWI allies Great Britain, France, Italy and Greece, the day officially marked the end of the Ottoman Empire The Parliament then voted unanimously to make Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, a revolutionary statesman, the first President of the Republic of Turkey Since then the country has celebrated Republic Day every year on October 29

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News from around the world – GB – Singapore Embassy celebrates the anniversary of Republic Day with Chloe Chua’s interpretation of the Turkish national anthem



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