World News – GB – Slaven Bilic could leave West Brom after furious over sale of star player


It’s surprisingly common to see a manager leave a few months after promoting a team when they just can’t do their top division job

West Brom has had a poor start to the season, so they already look like relegation contenders as their transfer company makes you wonder what they’re planning

Most of their rookies are veterans or very good league players, so it seems they subconsciously plan to be as strong as possible if they come back down

Obviously, that can’t be the real plan, and proven Premier League performers will be expensive, so taking a chance on lower-level players is usually the best approach for newer teams. promoted

They have an issue where Ahmed Hegazi was allowed to leave the club, and The Mirror is now reporting that Slaven Bilic could walk as a result

It is suggested that this was agreed to without his consent and he is absolutely furious about it, to the point that he is now considering his future at the club

It’s interesting timing as everything suggests that he would come straight down the club if his form continued, so you wonder if he might be under pressure soon anyway

It is also suggested that he is furious with the board for his general approach to transfers this summer, where he missed several main goals and he had to force the deals that actually happened.

This is a strange situation and you wonder if those in charge really want to stay awake, when Bilic might also be in Bilic’s best interests to leave if he wishes to maintain his reputation

If he leaves now, he can turn things around to show he wasn’t supported and had to leave because of it, which is much better than being sacked for a start terrible season

They are playing Brighton tonight, so a win there could make things better, but it’s worth keeping an eye on that over the next few weeks to see if relations deteriorate.

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World news – GB – Slaven Bilic could leaving West Brom after being furious about the sale of a star player



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